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  • Full of promise, even if it needs a little work.

    Since it appears that no one can write about this show without writing about House, and it is a fair comparison, I'll start there. I can see some similarities between Dr. Hanson and Dr. House, but only on some basic anti-hero levels. They are both brilliant, somewhat anti-social, and enjoy the medical procedures much more than dealing with patients. Quite a few key differences exist, however. While Dr. House is a brilliant and specialized diagnostician, Dr. Hanson is a brain surgeon; although they are often lumped together, being a surgeon and being a doctor involve different skills and different intrests. For another, Dr. Hanson lacks House's strange, insulting, and often intoxicating bitter sense of humor, instead opting for a mere clinical view and a few well placed jokes. Although both do not care to deal with patients, House does it out of his disgust for the mendacious nature of human beings, whereas Dr. Hanson merely prefers to view the human brain as a "wire box" to operate more effectively Although both Dr. Hanson and Dr. Seger seemed a bit stereotyped in the pilot, Dr. Hanson as the tortured, secretly caring surgeon, Dr. Seger as his compassionate sidekick, I have confidence in the writers that they will expand both their roles to include more range. Most shows do not and can not really show that much potential in their pilot episode; the real change and evolution that make shows good and characters believable have to happen over time. Besides the intriguing characters, I was also quite captivated by the medical nature of the show. Watching different brain surgeries every week could prove to be extremely fascinating. The way they zoomed in on both patients' brains reminded me of both CSI and House (sorry, comparing again). It is an effective technique in getting the viewer to really see what's happening inside the human body where the naked eye can't see. So, in conclusion, I think that with a little work, 3 lbs could prove to be an excellent show, and I hope that those who are disappointed will stick in there and give it another chance.
  • I'm sorry that I hated the show.. But I'm giving a 5 for effort.

    It reminds me too much of Fox' House and I don't think ANY show should remind people of another show! It's too similar.. almost barbaric!

    House was unique that he has a terrible bedside manner and apparently now we have Hensen. His new fellow was as enthusiatic and caring that it reminded me too much of Cameron on House. And in House, they have an Australian fellow.. 3lbs, a British neurosurgeon.

    So they are different since House is about diagnostics and 3lbs about the brain.. but the characters are TOO similar!
    "Wires in a box".. that'd be something House would've said, just simplifying things such as "everybody lies."

    Hensen is a bit softer than House though.. so they're not exactly the same.. but you can't blame me for saying that they are similar.

    The only thing I like about the show was the graphics.. on the pilot where they showed the insides of the girl. Okay, that was cool.
    But it didn't make up for my disappointment of the idea of the entire show. Sorry.
  • Midly interesting

    Well for the first episode I thougt it was Ok. Im not really into medical shows dramas, unless its in a documentry type stlye not a tv show type. Im into medical shows like Untold stories of the ER medical shows that are more of documentry type and true. Anyway this seems like its going to be an Ok show. As for it being a house rip off. I don't and haven't ever liked house or watched it for that matter I prabably saw one episode so..... The only medical show that I watch are Greys Anatomy which I thought was stupid its first and second season but is great its third season. But I quess sense Im into show that are drama (lawyer, cops drama) and comedies is probably the reason medical shows have a hard time pleasing me. But I think this will be a great show saying that I planning to become a neurosurgeon which this show deals with.
  • Does it feel like a replacement?

    The show was entertaining; I give this show a much higher rating than Smith, the show that it is replacing. The Dr. Hanson character wasn\'t likable, but his charisma was hard to deny. I\'m not sure that Dr. Hanson\'s medical condition is a plus for the show, however. It\'s not like the character suffered from lack of definition without the brain issue. I also do not want another annoying ass character as a lead in another series. Having two multiple can\'t be considered a bonus. If Dr. Hanson doesn\'t become more likable the show may become less so.
  • This show would be a mistake in any time slot, but scheduling it directly after HOUSE only highlights its flaws. Unlike HOUSE, these characters are strictly from stock -- except for the 'evil, patient-stealing rival' who is new, but hardly believable.

    I seem to be writing mostly negative reviews here. There are a LOT of shows i like, but it is the bad ones that bring out the 'muse' in me, and this one is a prime example. Stock characters, stock situations, coated over with a touchy-feely semi-mysticism capped by the truly annoying final line from the patient. She is a twin whose sister had died on the operating table the year before -- and her mother's worry about having another sister being operated on is shown as stubborn absurdity rather than understandable parental concern, even after the second daughter loses the ability to speak during a preliminary exploration. The mother almost changes her mind and lets the 'evil doctor' use his new technique on her -- not realizing that the show is about the Great Doctor Hanson. Of course, eventually Dr. Hanson saves her, and restores her speech, but not before the patient 'dies' on the table and is revived. So, of course, one of the patients' first words are "[the dead twin] says hello." Pfui!

    The show is filled with faux suspense, will the new assistant be able to stand Doctor Hanson, or will he leave like the others that are hinted about? (Of course he will, the show will be on next week -- maybe, given the ratings.) The surrounding characters never quite come into focus, the acting is so-so (except for Indira Varma, who might use this disaster as a springboard to a good show), and there's never a feeing of excitement.

    Oh, there is of course, the requisite 'running mystery,' in this case, does Dr. Hanson himself have some brain problem. He DOES keep seeing these hallucinations oa a young girl, apparently drowned, who we assume is his daughter, until we actually meet the girl, now much older. (She assumes that the new assistant is going to be her new driver because Doctor Hanson hops out of the car and leaves him in the drivers' seat. Meanwhile, Doctor Hanson is busy 'chatting up' a woman who turns out to be the separated wife of his rival.) I'll admit that I have a slight interest in knowing what they are doing with this, but not enough to bring me back. 10:00 is always a good time to feed the cats their last meal of the day, and I'd rather give them turkey than have it myself by watching this.
  • As a person diagnosed with a brain tumor, I found the show very interesting. I think it\\\'s a good vehicle for brain tumor awareness.

    I think the show is well written and the characters are interesting. I\\\'ve only seen the first episode, and it is a little like house (the main character being a curmudgeon), but it can stand on it\\\'s own. As I said above, I think this will help raise awareness for brain tumors which is needed since there isn\\\'t much information out there as there is for breast cancer and colon cancer. I hope this show stays around - brain tumors and brain injuries have such an impact on people\\\'s lives. It\\\'s a great show, everyone should check it out. I thought the dynamics between the characters was great.
  • In the vain of "House"...

    "3 lbs" is in the vain of "House" with a sort of an anti-hero brain surgeon who is the best in its field. This show can be very successful, espcially with actor Stanley Tucci in the title role. The pilot pretty much defines all the characters as Jonathon Fowler (Mark Freuerstein)meets his new mentor: Stabley Tucci's character.
    Even though it is very similar to "House", "3 lbs" can sets himself apart with snappy writing and good storylines. I think we are in for a great ride as we get to know those doctors and learn about brain surgery. I will definitly tune in to see what happens and I think you should too.
    Very exciting new show!
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