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  • In the vain of "House"...

    "3 lbs" is in the vain of "House" with a sort of an anti-hero brain surgeon who is the best in its field. This show can be very successful, espcially with actor Stanley Tucci in the title role. The pilot pretty much defines all the characters as Jonathon Fowler (Mark Freuerstein)meets his new mentor: Stabley Tucci's character.
    Even though it is very similar to "House", "3 lbs" can sets himself apart with snappy writing and good storylines. I think we are in for a great ride as we get to know those doctors and learn about brain surgery. I will definitly tune in to see what happens and I think you should too.
    Very exciting new show!
  • As a person diagnosed with a brain tumor, I found the show very interesting. I think it\\\'s a good vehicle for brain tumor awareness.

    I think the show is well written and the characters are interesting. I\\\'ve only seen the first episode, and it is a little like house (the main character being a curmudgeon), but it can stand on it\\\'s own. As I said above, I think this will help raise awareness for brain tumors which is needed since there isn\\\'t much information out there as there is for breast cancer and colon cancer. I hope this show stays around - brain tumors and brain injuries have such an impact on people\\\'s lives. It\\\'s a great show, everyone should check it out. I thought the dynamics between the characters was great.
  • This show would be a mistake in any time slot, but scheduling it directly after HOUSE only highlights its flaws. Unlike HOUSE, these characters are strictly from stock -- except for the 'evil, patient-stealing rival' who is new, but hardly believable.

    I seem to be writing mostly negative reviews here. There are a LOT of shows i like, but it is the bad ones that bring out the 'muse' in me, and this one is a prime example. Stock characters, stock situations, coated over with a touchy-feely semi-mysticism capped by the truly annoying final line from the patient. She is a twin whose sister had died on the operating table the year before -- and her mother's worry about having another sister being operated on is shown as stubborn absurdity rather than understandable parental concern, even after the second daughter loses the ability to speak during a preliminary exploration. The mother almost changes her mind and lets the 'evil doctor' use his new technique on her -- not realizing that the show is about the Great Doctor Hanson. Of course, eventually Dr. Hanson saves her, and restores her speech, but not before the patient 'dies' on the table and is revived. So, of course, one of the patients' first words are "[the dead twin] says hello." Pfui!

    The show is filled with faux suspense, will the new assistant be able to stand Doctor Hanson, or will he leave like the others that are hinted about? (Of course he will, the show will be on next week -- maybe, given the ratings.) The surrounding characters never quite come into focus, the acting is so-so (except for Indira Varma, who might use this disaster as a springboard to a good show), and there's never a feeing of excitement.

    Oh, there is of course, the requisite 'running mystery,' in this case, does Dr. Hanson himself have some brain problem. He DOES keep seeing these hallucinations oa a young girl, apparently drowned, who we assume is his daughter, until we actually meet the girl, now much older. (She assumes that the new assistant is going to be her new driver because Doctor Hanson hops out of the car and leaves him in the drivers' seat. Meanwhile, Doctor Hanson is busy 'chatting up' a woman who turns out to be the separated wife of his rival.) I'll admit that I have a slight interest in knowing what they are doing with this, but not enough to bring me back. 10:00 is always a good time to feed the cats their last meal of the day, and I'd rather give them turkey than have it myself by watching this.
  • Does it feel like a replacement?

    The show was entertaining; I give this show a much higher rating than Smith, the show that it is replacing. The Dr. Hanson character wasn\'t likable, but his charisma was hard to deny. I\'m not sure that Dr. Hanson\'s medical condition is a plus for the show, however. It\'s not like the character suffered from lack of definition without the brain issue. I also do not want another annoying ass character as a lead in another series. Having two multiple can\'t be considered a bonus. If Dr. Hanson doesn\'t become more likable the show may become less so.
  • Midly interesting

    Well for the first episode I thougt it was Ok. Im not really into medical shows dramas, unless its in a documentry type stlye not a tv show type. Im into medical shows like Untold stories of the ER medical shows that are more of documentry type and true. Anyway this seems like its going to be an Ok show. As for it being a house rip off. I don't and haven't ever liked house or watched it for that matter I prabably saw one episode so..... The only medical show that I watch are Greys Anatomy which I thought was stupid its first and second season but is great its third season. But I quess sense Im into show that are drama (lawyer, cops drama) and comedies is probably the reason medical shows have a hard time pleasing me. But I think this will be a great show saying that I planning to become a neurosurgeon which this show deals with.
  • I'm sorry that I hated the show.. But I'm giving a 5 for effort.

    It reminds me too much of Fox' House and I don't think ANY show should remind people of another show! It's too similar.. almost barbaric!

    House was unique that he has a terrible bedside manner and apparently now we have Hensen. His new fellow was as enthusiatic and caring that it reminded me too much of Cameron on House. And in House, they have an Australian fellow.. 3lbs, a British neurosurgeon.

    So they are different since House is about diagnostics and 3lbs about the brain.. but the characters are TOO similar!
    "Wires in a box".. that'd be something House would've said, just simplifying things such as "everybody lies."

    Hensen is a bit softer than House though.. so they're not exactly the same.. but you can't blame me for saying that they are similar.

    The only thing I like about the show was the graphics.. on the pilot where they showed the insides of the girl. Okay, that was cool.
    But it didn't make up for my disappointment of the idea of the entire show. Sorry.
  • Full of promise, even if it needs a little work.

    Since it appears that no one can write about this show without writing about House, and it is a fair comparison, I'll start there. I can see some similarities between Dr. Hanson and Dr. House, but only on some basic anti-hero levels. They are both brilliant, somewhat anti-social, and enjoy the medical procedures much more than dealing with patients. Quite a few key differences exist, however. While Dr. House is a brilliant and specialized diagnostician, Dr. Hanson is a brain surgeon; although they are often lumped together, being a surgeon and being a doctor involve different skills and different intrests. For another, Dr. Hanson lacks House's strange, insulting, and often intoxicating bitter sense of humor, instead opting for a mere clinical view and a few well placed jokes. Although both do not care to deal with patients, House does it out of his disgust for the mendacious nature of human beings, whereas Dr. Hanson merely prefers to view the human brain as a "wire box" to operate more effectively Although both Dr. Hanson and Dr. Seger seemed a bit stereotyped in the pilot, Dr. Hanson as the tortured, secretly caring surgeon, Dr. Seger as his compassionate sidekick, I have confidence in the writers that they will expand both their roles to include more range. Most shows do not and can not really show that much potential in their pilot episode; the real change and evolution that make shows good and characters believable have to happen over time. Besides the intriguing characters, I was also quite captivated by the medical nature of the show. Watching different brain surgeries every week could prove to be extremely fascinating. The way they zoomed in on both patients' brains reminded me of both CSI and House (sorry, comparing again). It is an effective technique in getting the viewer to really see what's happening inside the human body where the naked eye can't see. So, in conclusion, I think that with a little work, 3 lbs could prove to be an excellent show, and I hope that those who are disappointed will stick in there and give it another chance.
  • Amazing new show that definately gets added to my favorites!

    I've always liked Stanley Tucci and this show is no exception. I was afraid when I started watching it would be boring, but it was anything but. The characters in the show are the kind of characters you can't wait to get to know. They don't tell you everything about them all at once and it leaves you guessing a little and wanting more. Sure, there are a lot of "doctor" shows out there right now, but I think that this one is going to be in the top. I know that I can't wait to see more of it on Tuesday!
  • Can you say "House rip-off"?

    This show is just CBS trying to imitate House. It's really obvious, they even played House's theme song in the elevator. I don't know why they don't just call this show"House: New York". They're just copying the exact plot, premise, and even the characters off of House. Not only is it sad, it's rather insulting. They don't even come close to the real thing. This show needs some originality. If it keeps clinging onto House, that is not going to happen.
    If you want an orginal, witty, smart, PERFECT show, tune to Fox at nine on Tuesdays and watch House.
  • Smart, sexy, good characters, well acted

    I have read the House comparisons. I personally don't care if there are similarities -- this show is GREAT, and Tucci is terrific. I am a fan of House, but I think the 3 lbs. ensemble is better than House's. It's a slick show, and I am hoping that they get around to developing the other characters more in the next few episodes. Plus, I like the diversity of the cast. Who would have thought this show was a mid-season replacement? Usually I am not a fan of mid-season shows, but I will definitely watch this one. Better than all those reality shows, that is for sure.
  • Great show. It's very like House but hey, I like House.

    I just watched the first two episodes of this show and absolutely loved them. I do agree that it is a lot like House but House is a great show and I think this show has something thats a little different. It has great characters, great writing, and great actors. As a huge House fan I can see why people can draw comparisons between the two but I mean, if your a House fan why would it piss you off if there was another House? I personally can't wait for the rest of the season and I hope CBS plans to keep it for a while despite the mixed reviews it's received.
  • Just hit the streets and is a work in progress. Right actors, good chemistry, will be a better show as characters develope. Writing needs a little improvement but talent is there for this show to break out if they can hit their stride.

    I would advise the the writers to try not to make the characters and the show to much like house. You have a good batch of talented actors here that can make some unique characters of their own instead of another knock off of House. This show has great potential to be even better than it is.
  • Who thought if this? Oh, wait, I know this one : David Shore.

    3 lbs, the weight of a human brain ( assuming this converts to about 1.5 kilo).
    Great intro: Calling all angels by Train.
    Good cast.

    But that's about all the good things I can say about this series.
    I've seen the pilot and the second episode ( how can you create a split-brain patient in a series and not once mentino that word ?).
    And, including the real nice visual of the inner human body, it all screams House.
    This has not only been done before, this has been done before and better.
    The damaged doctor (only this one is hiding he has something wrong with his brain ... for which he should be fired on the spot if anyone finds out because he is risking patients lives) that is anti-social and doesn't care what other people think of him.
    It's entertaining enough, but I don't think it's going to last very long. A 6 for the effort.
  • I love this show! It\'s very intelligent, in both its acting and its writing. It\'s a hot topic at work.

    I am intrigued by the Stanley Tucci character and it will be very interesting to see what kind of relationships he has, with his (seeming) lack of emotion. He\'s complicated, but I think that under that cold extreme there is a fire burning. I love the new doctor, with his boyish charm and those puppy-dog eyes. They have built up the tension to be at just the right level; you can tell it\'s there, but they keep their surgeries very professional. I hope he ends up with the female doctor. I didn\'t like that lawyer-chick, especially her hair. I wanted to tell her to get a scrunchie for that matted mess of a hairdo. The story lines are great! Complicated, and yet simplified for the non-surgical who watch the show. The animation is awesome! I tape it and play that back over & over to see what I missed. I hope this show continues on for a while! There have got to be a ton of story lines dealing with brain surgery, and the actors deserve a chance to reach a wider audience than they have now. Pump it up, CBS!
  • An intelligent romp throught the brain. 3 lbs is a smart hour that is spiked at the top of the fence. Tonights \\\"heart stopping\\\" episode bring forth the dangers a new product in a new season!

    This years new offering \\\"3 lbs\\\" is a promising look towards medical drama in a landscape totally overloaded with simular tripe. Still, it has show some potential in bringing new ideas, looks and drama. Tonight, however showed more clearly the dangers of trying to be too cool to fast in a market filled with crap. From the chopped up train song opening to the chopped up montage of kt tungstall, the entire episode was awash with self doubt. Onc could feel the changes and compromises in the roughness of the edits, the poor acting moments, the lost feel of the music. Moments that promised to be haunting or sultry fell well short of satisfying. The script seemed to fall victim to sloppy seconds. The witty comedy of the cardioligist speech that worked shortly gave way to the pedestrian clock moment that finished surgery. The incredibly honest moment where vanity and romance collided was followed by the lame cracked and polished comercial image on the computer. There is a chance for a breakout here if 3 lbs can use all three pounds to make something original and commmitted. Nothing here a little surgery can\\\'t fix. Make better choices of where to do the cutting. Finish the thoughts. Cut the doubts.
  • I think the concept for the show is excellent. But it needs to deliver so that people facing brain tumors are educated about them and not how pompus the doctors can be that operate on them. Give the facts to the people.

    I have had 4 craniotomies for brain tumors - benign meningiomas over the past 21 years. I could write one program by myself. The need to educate people on the various tumors of the brain is very important. My tumors are en masse. My vision is impaired and I have seizures. This show could be the voice for people like myself who have difficulty understanding all the particulars about this disease. Education is the key. Please continue to inform people about various tumors and the effects of the disease not the pompus attitude of the doctor. We need an outlet for our disease.

    I have experienced the best physicians -neurosurgeons and neurologists - and I have been the patient of a doctor similar to the one mentioned on the show. When I found my dream doctor he unfortunately died suddenly of a heart attack. Imagine my despair at having to find someone to replace him. He was so wonderful and put my family and me at ease over my disease. One thing you should emphasize on the show is that education is the key. Do not walk blindly into surgery without knowing all the details and information that is available to you. YOU are your own advocate. Brain surgery is not like buying a car. So many things change once you become a brain tumor patient and crainiotomy survivor. Sorry to be so emphatic about this but no one can tell you all that you need to know. You have to explore and educate yourself.

    Thank you
  • This is so cool!!!!

    This new show is awsome. It is very similar to House and I love House(show. I like it how it only focuses on the brain and stuff. I wish though it focused on more about how cool the brain is and the interesting thing it does instead on concetrating on the surgery part which is pretty boring.
  • Are you out of your minds?????

    I wasn\'t even aware of this new show until i saw it on iTunes. i downloaded the first episode (free. smart idea). I was captured in the first 5 min. after watching it. If a show doesn\'t capture me in the first 5 min, it usually never will. I was drawn in completely. i purchased and downloaded the next episode, to be drawn in once again. I\'ll admit at first I thought, \"how could they make another House? (as good as it is) (I\'m a huge \"House\" fan), but you did it!!!! and it still has it\'s own place. I think the show is brilliant...so...why would anyone in there right mind or left mind put this show on hold???? I consider myself a whole brain thinker, and I for one think you are making a HUGE mistake not to continue with this show. Did you ever consider the fact that many folks may not have been aware of the new show (i wasn\'t) or the fact that many folks are busy with the peak holiday shopping and are not at the TV these days.????? Please reconsider!!!!!!
  • Absolutely the best medical drama since ER. Very intriging, very knowledgable. Please, Please, Please do not cancel 3lbs

    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please do not cancel 3lbs. CBS has not even given it a chance to grow. I BELIEVE you need more than 3 episodes of a show to give the viewers time enough to be enticed and to show their interests. I am in the medical field and this show has helped me know and understand the brain and its functions even more than I realized. This show has helped me with my medical transcription course and has been a Tuesday must see TV. At this point, I put 3lbs on the same level as American Idol. That is how hooked I am. Please, Please, Please, Please, do not cancel 3LBS. This show is very valuable, if not for the average American, then to the people in the medical field. Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it.... PLEASE, PLEASE, DO not CANCEL 3lbs
  • 3 LBS was a short lived show on CBS about brain surgery in which all of the facts all incorrect and everything done, in real life, would never be done.

    3 Lbs is a horrible attempt for a show. A complete and total knock off of House, It is unoriginal and a stinker in quality. The first episode was good, so I decided to watch the next one. The next episode was okay so I decided to give it one more chance. But the third, and thank god final, episode was so horrible my whole family opted to turn it off about twenty minutes into it. Don't get me wrong they hired great actors in Stanley Tucci and Mark Feuerstein, who I loved in Good Morning Miami, it was the quality of the show that was a stinker. Please if you have this show on a DVDRW, erase it and tape something much better instead.
  • Oh my God what are you guys thinking, please bring back this show it was so awesome, full of real life. the Doc was hard but showed his soft funny side when needed. BRING BACK THIS SHOW P.L.E.A.S.E.

    NEVER A DULL SHOW.This show is a real stopper, Really, just stop an think of how extremely complex our 3 lbs really is,this is a fresh start to a new medical show. please bring it back. we all deserve to come home and watch a show that will treat our mind to some great medical information. That no ever thinks about our brain,
  • Appeals to a wide age range.

    I think this show is wonderful. What fool cancelled it? My children were over for a holiday gathering, when my youngest son (25) asked if any of us had seen 3lbs. We hadn’t , so we watched it ‘On Demand” (which, by the way, is a good way to get people hooked on new shows). All eight of us LOVED it (ages 23-55). The acting is great, very creative photography, great plots, great story lines, good characters, meaningful messages….what is the problem? Also, why not leave all three shows on “On Demand”. People will watch them and get hooked as I did. I kept waiting for the next show, came on-line to make sure I had gotten the night right, only to find out it had been cancelled. You’ve got a winner. You need to give people a chance to discover this gem.
  • I would watch this every night of the week......

    Awe inspiring, wonderful, truly a pleasure to watch. These are only a few words to describe the series that I consider to be a \"must see.\" The characters are totally awesome and are played whole heartedly by the actors. I can not believe that something this good, and with actors and story lines chock full of emotion, is being pushed aside due to \"8 million\" viewers. Maybe, the network needs to try this show in a couple of different time slots. It is totally unfortunate for those of us who watched the three episodes which aired, will not see the continuing upward progression of this show, there are so many stories to tell, some which could be lifesaving to viewers. In a day and age where a lot of tv seems to be \"violent and in poor taste\" this is a show that will be missed.

  • This was a very good show in the limited medical drama genera. An even better perk was that it delt with a specialty brain surgery. After a few brushes with cliche ,over-sexed cast and main character is suffering from the shows premise

    This was a very good show in the limited medical drama genera. An even better perk was that it delt with a specialty brain surgery. After a few brushes with cliche ,over-sexed cast and main character is suffering from the shows premise, the show got off to a great start. An excellant cast Stanly Tucci being the only one I know by name but all great actors. It was very polished and had a style that was quite appealing to see. The hospital was state of the art almost like a luxuary hotel and the entire cast was modled after characters under 35. In that way it was better than House no old miserable doctor wanting to destroy the world. What it had was the Tucci character truthfully playing an arrogant doc but still a human being and unlike ER the story didn't get lost in office politics. I don't know what's up with Tuesdays and CBS but I think this show should've been given some kind of chance. It had great potential and was one of the smartest dramas on tv.
  • 3 LBS - a dumb name for starters.

    This series was dead before it left the operating table.

    Couldnt even watch 20 minutes of it. Dull pointless series like this are just trying to feed off the success of ER and Gray's Anatomy. The problem is with so many networks and time slots to fill there is an increasing number of brain dead series being put out. As quantity goes up quality goes down. Just dig a hole six feet deep, put the 2 episodes in the casket, lower it into the grave, toss in the dirt and place the headstone in the graveyard of short lived series.

    OMG are u kidding! 3 lbs was a GRT show... it was like one of those shows that concentrated on the problem more than on teh doctors personal lives! I absolutly loved it and looked forward to another episode! Please bring it back!!!! n moreover 3 lbs is a perfect (not a dumb) name... it is very well chosen because the brain weighs 3 lbs!
  • A show dedicated specifically on the brain! How wonderful is that. It's an undesicovered,hidden map. What could be more thrilling to watch than neurosurgeons going in and trying figure things out, wow you can learn something and maybe even about yourself.

    You guys never even gave it a chance. It could potentially be the next best doctor drama. I enjoy those shows very much and you can actually learn something from them!! It will definitey beat Grey\'s Anatomy out of the water! It should go on a Sunday night or something because there is too much competition right now. Put it on a night like that and people will actually tune in and really get the scoop of the show and will love it!! Then the ratings will go up and it will be the best doctor drama yet, guarantee it. Please bring it back, give it a chance to get the ratings up!:)
  • I miss this show! Why did they cancel it? I was great!

    Better than Jericho ~ a bit dull at times. That show needed more suspense and less soap opera side story drama . Better than Numbers ~ boring! How many different ways can you find the bad guy with math. C'mon people! Who are you trying to entertain here? Give me an intelligent thought provoking show with interesting stories and characters ~ like 3 LBS!
  • BRING THIS SHOW BACK PLEASE!!! I just heard of this show and it made me so intrested!

    This show looks really awesome. What can be better than another medical drama with the most knowledgeable surgeons; Neurosurgeons. I have only watched the clips of the episodes, but this show deserves a 11 out of 10. I really want to see a full episode, but I don't know how I can do that because they did not finish a season. I wonder why they put this show on hold???? It has everything a great show needs: two surgeons who view things a totally different way. It gives you a better viewpont of a show. Throw in the Neurosurgery and you've got yourself one of the best shows out there.
  • oh wait, i know who thought of it! FOX!

    though i have never taken the time ot sit down and watch it, I cant imagine this show being very different from House, MD on fox. House does very well, and i just dont think it stacks up. not to mention that it is a total and complete clone of House. the sarcastic main character, and all of their lackies. isnt this show on "break" anyaways? anybody think it was just becuase nobody watched it?

    i cant see myslef ever getting into it. its such a house clone its not even funny. maybe i'll recinsider once House goes off the air, which wont be for a very long time. until then, good bye.
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