3 Lbs.

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • An intelligent romp throught the brain. 3 lbs is a smart hour that is spiked at the top of the fence. Tonights \\\"heart stopping\\\" episode bring forth the dangers a new product in a new season!

    This years new offering \\\"3 lbs\\\" is a promising look towards medical drama in a landscape totally overloaded with simular tripe. Still, it has show some potential in bringing new ideas, looks and drama. Tonight, however showed more clearly the dangers of trying to be too cool to fast in a market filled with crap. From the chopped up train song opening to the chopped up montage of kt tungstall, the entire episode was awash with self doubt. Onc could feel the changes and compromises in the roughness of the edits, the poor acting moments, the lost feel of the music. Moments that promised to be haunting or sultry fell well short of satisfying. The script seemed to fall victim to sloppy seconds. The witty comedy of the cardioligist speech that worked shortly gave way to the pedestrian clock moment that finished surgery. The incredibly honest moment where vanity and romance collided was followed by the lame cracked and polished comercial image on the computer. There is a chance for a breakout here if 3 lbs can use all three pounds to make something original and commmitted. Nothing here a little surgery can\\\'t fix. Make better choices of where to do the cutting. Finish the thoughts. Cut the doubts.