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  • I think the concept for the show is excellent. But it needs to deliver so that people facing brain tumors are educated about them and not how pompus the doctors can be that operate on them. Give the facts to the people.

    I have had 4 craniotomies for brain tumors - benign meningiomas over the past 21 years. I could write one program by myself. The need to educate people on the various tumors of the brain is very important. My tumors are en masse. My vision is impaired and I have seizures. This show could be the voice for people like myself who have difficulty understanding all the particulars about this disease. Education is the key. Please continue to inform people about various tumors and the effects of the disease not the pompus attitude of the doctor. We need an outlet for our disease.

    I have experienced the best physicians -neurosurgeons and neurologists - and I have been the patient of a doctor similar to the one mentioned on the show. When I found my dream doctor he unfortunately died suddenly of a heart attack. Imagine my despair at having to find someone to replace him. He was so wonderful and put my family and me at ease over my disease. One thing you should emphasize on the show is that education is the key. Do not walk blindly into surgery without knowing all the details and information that is available to you. YOU are your own advocate. Brain surgery is not like buying a car. So many things change once you become a brain tumor patient and crainiotomy survivor. Sorry to be so emphatic about this but no one can tell you all that you need to know. You have to explore and educate yourself.

    Thank you