3 Lbs.

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Are you out of your minds?????

    I wasn\'t even aware of this new show until i saw it on iTunes. i downloaded the first episode (free. smart idea). I was captured in the first 5 min. after watching it. If a show doesn\'t capture me in the first 5 min, it usually never will. I was drawn in completely. i purchased and downloaded the next episode, to be drawn in once again. I\'ll admit at first I thought, \"how could they make another House? (as good as it is) (I\'m a huge \"House\" fan), but you did it!!!! and it still has it\'s own place. I think the show is brilliant...so...why would anyone in there right mind or left mind put this show on hold???? I consider myself a whole brain thinker, and I for one think you are making a HUGE mistake not to continue with this show. Did you ever consider the fact that many folks may not have been aware of the new show (i wasn\'t) or the fact that many folks are busy with the peak holiday shopping and are not at the TV these days.????? Please reconsider!!!!!!
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