3 Lbs.

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • A show dedicated specifically on the brain! How wonderful is that. It's an undesicovered,hidden map. What could be more thrilling to watch than neurosurgeons going in and trying figure things out, wow you can learn something and maybe even about yourself.

    You guys never even gave it a chance. It could potentially be the next best doctor drama. I enjoy those shows very much and you can actually learn something from them!! It will definitey beat Grey\'s Anatomy out of the water! It should go on a Sunday night or something because there is too much competition right now. Put it on a night like that and people will actually tune in and really get the scoop of the show and will love it!! Then the ratings will go up and it will be the best doctor drama yet, guarantee it. Please bring it back, give it a chance to get the ratings up!:)