3 Lbs.

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Dr. Hanson is a brilliant neurosurgeon and one of the best in New York City. His new partner Dr. Seger has a totally different point-of-view. These two top doctors are able to work together on complex operations and perform life saving miracles.

    I started watching this series during my psychology class. As I watched the episodes, I realize that it was a very good series to watch. Then, my teacher told the class that the series was over and I was really disappointed by that fact. My teacher told me and the rest of the class that the series was aired at a bad time to show new series. I really hope that they bring the original or something like the original series back on air. Lastly, to anyone who have not seen this series I suggest you find a way to get the episodes because it very good and interesting to watch this series.