3 South

MTV - Music Television (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Fake I.D.
      Fake I.D.
      Episode 13
      A Nobel prize winner come to Barder to give a speech but loses his wallet when he comes. Sanford finds the wallet and uses it at an uptown bar so he can get free beer and the respect he deserves being a Nobel prize winner and all.
    • Cocktail
      Episode 12
      Sanford and Del lose all their money in a poker game to Moe, so they sell their weekend school meals for 500 dollars. They buy a 500 dollar safe to put their money in. When they realize they spent all the money on the safe, they sell the safe back to the store for 10 dollars. When they realize they can't eat on weekends because of that they steal 2 chickens, with the help of Ed, so the Chickens will lay eggs for them to eat. When the Chickens don't lay eggs, they hold a cock fight in their dorm room. Meanwhile, Joe searches the dorm to find a room where he can study in peace and quiet. When he finds a place, he meets Max (who he becomes best friends with) until a bizarre ending.moreless
    • Top Dogs
      Top Dogs
      Episode 11
      When Sanford and Del get dates with a couple of girls from a sorority to their sorority party Joe gets jealous and starts working out but soon finds out the real reason Sanford, Del and many others were invited.
    • 100 Yr. Old Man
      100 Yr. Old Man
      Episode 10
      Its homecoming and many Barder alumni come to the school. When the dean learns that one is a millionaire he does hi best to get him to donate money to the school, but fails. He tries to make up the money he lost by betting on the football game. Meanwhile Del and Sanford try to pull a newsworthy prank. Their prank ends up effecting the game's outcome.moreless
    • Joe Gets Expelled
      Del and Sanford are asked to take care of Burger's plant. Joe eats pizza covered with leaf bits, and gets kicked out of Barder. He winds up winning the student spirit award instead. When he tries to express an actual liking of Barder he is instead reminded of why he hates it.moreless
    • Midnight Del
      Midnight Del
      Episode 8
      Everyone learns about the midnight yell, a tradition where students blow off steam during midterms by yelling out their windows. Sanford embraces it while Del is afraid he'll get in trouble. Eventually Del tries but gets written up. When he realizes Todd has no power, he feels he can do anything he wants only to be gravely mistaken.

    • Coke Addicts
      Coke Addicts
      Episode 7
      Del and Sanford want to drink coke but they don't have any change so they start taking money from Joe's change jar. After Joe loses the jar, he becomes despaired about his fate by attending Barder. He eventually goes crazy and plans to blow up the college but comes to his senses when Del and Sanford return the jar.moreless
    • Fraternity
      Episode 6
      Everyone is impressed by Joe's paddle, so Del and Sanford decide to join a fraternity. Todd relays to them his experience with fraternities. They end up being fooled into working, under the guise that they are joining one. When Sanford is kicked out for being annoying he tricks Del into shaving off one of Shaner's eyebrows, but comes looking for him when he doesn't return.moreless
    • Del Gets Sick
      Del Gets Sick
      Episode 5
      Del makes some bad decisions thanks to Sanford and gets sick. Meanwhile Sanford runs into his double. After throwing having party Del is rescued by Felicity who nurses him back to health. Del eventually leaves Felicity to hang out with everyone again, and Sanford confronts his double.
    • My Name is Todd W.
      Todd has a meeting to show people to how find out where he's at at all times. When no one listens, he decides that he has to become cooler, and throws a party. He is relieved of his R.A. duties, only to realize that they are his true calling.
    • New Friends
      New Friends
      Episode 3
      Sanford can't go to lunch with Del because he got switched to a new phys. ed. class. Del is afraid of making new friends, because he's not Mr. popular like Sanford. He winds up making new friends who dislike Sanford. When they finally meet back up together, it is Del who has become Mr. popular.moreless
    • Stomach Pump 2000
      Joe creates a new stomach pump to prevent alcohol poisoning in the student body. Meanwhile, Sanford borrows some clothes and winds up being someone's bitch. When credit isn't given to Joe, he sabotages the machine.
    • College Material
      College Material
      Episode 1
      This is the first episode of the series. In this episode we meet Del and Sanford. Two mediocre students at best. They enrolled into one of the worst colleges in the United States called Barder College. The spend the first part of the episode doing whatever they want. This includes building a beer pyramid, playing hackysack, and general horseplay. On what Del and Sanford thinks is the first day of classes they get a rude awakening. They find out that school started 3 weeks ago and they have been dropped from all of their classes except Biology and to stay in college they have to pass their upcoming biology test.moreless