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MTV - Music Television (ended 2003)





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  • Sanford and Del are two idiot freshmen at Barder College. The show revolves around them and the students in their dorm, including overachiever Joe who can't stand being surrounded by idiots.

    Man, I loved this show. I was really disappointed when MTV pulled it before even letting the first season finish playing out. This show needs a DVD release really bad.

    The humor was laugh-out-loud great. Family Guy Story Editor Mark Hentemann worked on and voiced Joe in the show. Other Family Guy voice actors appeared as well, including Alex Borstein, Lori Alan, and Brian Posehn.

    It really portrayed dorm life well in a comical way. This series is every bit as good (or better) as more popular cartoon sitcoms like Family Guy and American Dad. It just didn't get a chance.

    But if it had, we can bet that Sanford and Del would still be at Barder College, probably still freshman. Joe by now would have gone on to medical school.