30 Days

Season 3 Episode 3

Animal Rights

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • Fantastic. Every second.

    I think it's sad that people honestly believe what was displayed on this episode was false. It's hard to realize you are endorsing something immoral. Admitting this implies you would need to change your life. We can't have that now can we?

    Everything displayed in this episode was true. There's nothing 'PC' about it. Fact is fact. If someone was changed due to this episode, well, then the show was a success.

    Denying the truth changes nothing about the reality. You can trash every activist until you are blue in the face. The facts will remain and people will not stop fighting for this.
  • Amazing and revealing. Very touching.

    I thought this episode was amazing. There is no way to be one sided when it comes to animal cruelty, it's wrong no matter how you slice it. They showed what really happens on factory farms, how is that deceptive? George saw with his own eyes what happens to animals and it changed his opinion on animal rights, there is no getting around that. The family was incredibly genuine and that came across in the episode, especially when Melissa reaches out to George to understand his side of hunting. The behavior shown by the handlers on factory farms is inexcusable. It wouldn't matter if it was PETA or a different animal rights group, something has to be done to stop the cruelty. This episode did an amazing job of encompassing what the animal rights movement stands for. Hands down, this episode was phenomenal.
  • He lives with a family which probably most folks would imagine more stand-off-ish than they actually are. He starts to see that there is a lot of substance to the family's arguments and good reasons to live as they do.

    I was stunned to see how well-composed and calm Ms. Karpel and her family remained despite more-than-moderate heckling from their visitor and others. The episode probably annoys a great many people who, like myself, have grown up under the assumption that there is little or no problem with using animals as we see fit and aren't particularly eager to make adjustments in their lives to help others. I hadn't though about virtually any of this beforehand, but now I've got a lot on my mind and am honestly don't think eating animals or wearing them sounds too particularly appealing to me, especially since I live with one (a cat). I've got a lot of thinking to do and will begrudgingly go watch all of PETA's videos to make up my own mind.
  • Morgan is my hero. He does show both sides of the story. In this episode,George thinks farm animals are just food but then changes his mind. Even if he doesn't become Vegan he still thinks animals should be treated better than they are in factory farms

    This episode is just what we need to open peoples' eyes to the torture and mistreatment that animals endure. How are cattle and pigs so different from our dogs and cats that we all love? I know I can't eat beef or pork now and not think of how that animal was tortured. I hope it makes people think. There are so many alternatives to meat and healthier, too. I think anyone who goes to a factory farm and sees how they are treated cannot leave without wanting to do something to change that. It is a horrible site.
  • This was an amazing documentary, an eye opener, and a huge step in making positive change to our world.

    This was an amazing documentary. It was interesting to watch 2 perceptions: how society views vegans and how society views the hunter. I want to applaud the hunter for his willingness to explore animal activism. He was open to learn the why's, the what's, the how's of a vegan lifestyle. I also want to applaud the vegan family for being kind and open to someone with different viewpoints. It must have been hard on both sides. But in the end, I hope they learned to appreciate one another. This documentary was hard to watch at times due to the realities of how animals are treated. But it was also an eye opener. I hope this show has opened eyes to others in the world to get more humane methods in place, not only for the animals, but for our health, our environment, and the workers who may have gained psychological damage. It's important for change at this point for health, for life, and for the environment. Lastly, I know some people do not believe this is happening in the world. But there have been many articles and television exposures lately. I would suggest taking a trip to one of these facilities to see with your own eyes. Thank you for doing this show. I can't wait for more!
  • A dedicated hunter spends 30 days living with a vegan/animal activist.

    I was channel surfing and saw only the second half of this episode. I cried through most of what I saw. The dog made me sad, the calf made me happy and the fur stories made me sick.

    I think that we've all the videos of the hunting of baby Harp seals. At the end of my review, I've added a fur story that might be too graphic for some. Check it out if you dare.

    I loved how the ladies called him Sugar's "daddy" and he said that they talked like that because they were "girls". Still, he went to visit Sugar one last time before he left.

    Some others have said that most of the meat industry isn't like that and the episode only showed the worst of it. Most of us will agree that the majority of the meat industry probably doesn't conduct business in that manner. But it's the ones who DO abuse their animals that need to be brought out into the light of day and exposed. Those are the ones that are being spotlighted because those are the ones who need to change their practices. I've heard of egg-laying hens who spend their lives sitting in a cage, just dropping eggs through a hole. When released, those chickens don't even know how to walk. Animals feel pain and fear, too. That being said, as much as Sugar's condition sickened me, that "rescue" was, in reality, "theft". If there aren't any laws against treating a slaughter animal in those conditions, then there should be. Otherwise, what the activists did was morally correct but legally wrong. For those of you who thought that this episode was too "liberal", the one that aired last night should make you feel better.

    I heard about African cats that were caught in nets and killed with a red hot metal spike shoved up the rectum. This way, none of the fur is damaged for the "trophies".
  • Sending a hardcore hunter to an animal activists house which happens to be vegan as well.

    I love how open to everything the hunter was. He was very mature and I respect him so much!!! I was fighting back tears, this was an amazing episode and a subject matter i feel very strongly about. Wow... just wow!!!!

    When he was taking care of sugar, I did cry. I give him so much respect for what he did and the open mind he went in there with. Not everyone can do what he did. I think if everyone just knew how these animals are treated they would have a different view of eating meat. I don't think everyone should be vegan, I'm not going to sit here and preach but how they kill these animals is so wrong. I'm happy a few eyes were opened because of this episode and I hope his friends didnt give him a hard time when he got back!!!
  • I've always wondered why people become vegan and/or vegetarian. I'm on my way to joining those ranks and I'm in my mid-50s! This episode is an eye-opener and should jog everyone's conscience.

    I've always wondered why people become vegan and/or vegetarian. I'm on my way to joining those ranks and I'm in my mid-50s! This episode is an eye-opener and should jog everyone's conscience. Of course, some will never "get it" because of de-sensitization to life. After seeing the brutal reality of where the majority of our food comes from and how inhumanely animals are treated in the process, BIG changes will be made in my family's diets, and we will be advocating for animal rights. I am grateful for the honesty exposed in this episode. Everyone should watch it! You will forever be mindful of where our food comes from, how factory farms abuse animals in the process, and you can't help but ponder the connection to the many health issues we face today.
  • I think that this episode was something that people need to see. I agree that it was slightly one sided, But it was still an accurate display of what goes on in factory farms.

    The man in this episode was incredibly open minded, even though in the beginning HIS opinions were one sided, He was willing to open up and learn something about Vegetarians and Vegans. I personally feel that if animals are treated humanely and Killed Humanely then eating them is fair. But unfortunately, in most cases, these animals are not treated with the least bit of respect. I also LOVED that they touched on the animal shelter issue and the overpopulation of cats and dogs. I work in an animal shelter and that part of this episode was incredibly accurate, and saddening. It's sad that some people are offended by the truth.
  • Another great "30 Days"

    Once again, Spurlock has done a great job choosing his topic and casting interesting people with opposing viewpoints. Despite their diametrically opposed viewpoints on animal issues, the vegan family and the hunter showed respect for each other. I was surprised and moved by the hunter's ability to keep an open mind despite his strongly held opinions. His eventual conviction that the animal abuse he had witnessed was morally wrong was a tribute to his ability to take a hard look at his lifetime opinions in the face of new evidence. This is hard for anyone to do, and I applaud him for it. I also applaud Spurlock for taking on the often-ignored topic of institutional animal abuse in this country.
  • I enjoyed this episode the best so far. I myself am vegetarian. However, I think PETA activist bring more negative to the table than positive.

    It takes wit and guts to live ,eat, and listen to the PETA Vegans of America for 30 days. The hunter George should be given a medal or paid big bucks to endure such yapping. I tried to locate info concerning the calf named "Sugar" and found out his name was changed after the 30 days was filmed. I also wonder after Lauri at Animal Acres saw the show, if she realized how stupied her comments referring to Jews,Nazi's, and Hitler were. I know of several Jewish friends that were unnerved by her comments. I think her comments reflected poorly for PETA. The Barbie Twins..how many injections of botox do you think that they have received. Animal Testing?? How many of the movie stars that back PETA wear leather bottom (atleast) shoes, drive cars with leather seats, and have botox treatments. What about that Frank and the ninja stealing that calf? I guess PETA is allowed to steal! I beleive the state of Texas still hang people for cattle rustling. I beleive in humane treatment to animals, humans and even PETA activists. It seems, they have a different view of our society. Applause to George the hunter, he stuck to his guns but, kept an open mind. PETA activists could take some lessons from him.
  • There were a lot of things that were hard to watch in this episode but I guess it has to be seen.

    Well, we live in the land of free speech and while most of the vegan in this episode were extremists, they are entitled to their opinion. We don't have to agree with it 100%, right? The comparison to the nazi's was pretty ignorant though and that woman should go down to the Holocaust museum in L.A. or wherever she lives and aologize to the poor people that managed to survive that ordeal because there are very few things in history that compare with that and I sure wouldn't be throwing a chicken in the mix!! Come on now, that is just plain dumb. I don't particularly like hunting either but the guy was likeable and open-minded and he was very reasonable and logical about the whole experience, despite the extremist views so that is commendable (next thing you know PETA will be trying to stop tigers from hunting jackrabbits in the african plains, it's nature people, humans are animals too). I don't live on a farm or anything but I drove up the 5 freeway through the middle of California and those cows don't look happy like the commercial says, they look like they're packed into every square inch of land so I have to believe at least part of what PETA says is going on. The problem is not simple though, it's economics. It costs money to raise livestock and consumers want everything cheap so the farmers do whatever they have to in order to deliver the product at a cheaper price. It's easy to say "yeah, treat cows and chickens like people and give space to roam around and be free" but the reality is that most of the hard working americans that live in the city aren't going into Whole Foods and paying twice as much for the free range chicken because they can't afford to. They have to buy the box of Purdue frozen chicken even if they don't know whether Perdue inject their chickens with hormones. The only thing that will ensure the fair treatment of farm animals is government regulation and we can't even get the government to regulate healthcare for humans so we are a long way off...
  • Overblown attempt at Animal Rights vs Human Rights

    I am an Omnivore and a Human. The rights I have are not the same as an Animal. I am Higher on the foodchain. I love Animals. I have 2 cats in my house who are my Pets, they are my fur-babies. I love them like my family. I love to eat Meat. However I am allergic to various things Two of which is Dairy and Shellfish. So I tend to eat a healthier diet. I live eating Vegetarian and many of the aspects of the Vegan diet also appeal to me as well. However the whole PETA thing is disturbing to me. This guy George the Hunter who goes to Los Angeles and is forced to live with a family of PETA activists who are Vegan is appalling. These PETA People are simply put overzealous and as bad as any KKK or Neo-Nazi person out there. This show was messy. I liked the guy who had to sit/stand and be forced fed this stuff. He was a good ol boy who was MORE Open AND Accepting than the PETA Family he was stuck with. There is nothing Wrong With Eating Meat.
    I personally don't agree with Hunters or Hunting but On the same side I don't think Harassing people as PETA does is the way to spread your message.
  • This show was a biased PETA slanted work of editing that was full of one sided opinions half truths and out right lies and for the first time I am disgusted with this show it seems that 30 Days is going PC and that's a sad Day

    I have been waiting to see this show since it was first listed since I am an advent hunter and at the beginning I could tell from the way it started that George Snedecker was going to be portrayed as a southern redneck. Then when he gets to California to live with the vegan Family it turns out that she is an Official with PETA. Then thru the magic of editing the rest of the show is a long commercial for PETA that was full of one side conversations half truths and out right lies and is supposed to lead us to believe that George is now a vegan PETA supporter and I don't believe that BS for one minute. I really liked the out right lie told in the middle and repeated at the end of the show where we are supposed to believe that dead and sick animals were ground in to hamburger and sold to the public. I call BS they are picked up and rendered down for other purposes such as soap and other industrial uses it is never sold as food and why wasn't the Fact that PETA kills animals such as cats and dogs and throws them in dumpster mentioned. I also saw that the Lady at the rescue farm keep saying that anyone who doesn't believe in animal rights is in the same league as Hitler and the Nazi's and what they did to the Jews. I can't tell y'all enough how Disappointed and Disgusted I am with the slant and tone of this episode and sad that this show is turning into a Politically Correct liberal mouth piece we already have enough of those Doug158
  • One-sided and dishonest.

    Knowing that Morgan Spurlock is married to a vegan, I wasn't expecting this episode to be as balanced as others I've seen. The extent of the bias was still pretty shocking, though. This episode was basically an hour long advertisement for PETA. Despite being a self-proclaimed animal lover who opposes creuelty to animals, the hunter (George) was portrayed as an ignorant hate-filled redneck in desperate need of a "re-education" from the saintly vegans, who fed George a steady diet of lies, extremism, and self-rightousness throughout his stay. He was told that sick and dead cattle are ground up for human consumption. He was forced to participate in 2 protests, one of which was fairly extreme in its glorification of violence against the meat industry. He was told that meat eaters are no better than Nazis. He was chastised for placing the lives of humans ahead of those of animals. The show was blatantly propagandistic the whole way through.
  • This episode should be pulled from the air.

    This episode should be pulled from the air. The people that call themselves animal rights people should be jailed for stealing the calf. The cause more problems than they fix. These idiots steal, lie and forge to get what they want. I personally have seen them take five horses and thirty cows just because the farmer had a twenty-two year old horse that didn't look very good, but all the other animals were fat and happy. These idiots didn't even take as good care of the animals as the farmer did they lost weight and some got so sick they had to be put down, because the people who took the animal didn't know how to take care of them. All of the people who think animal rights people are helping the animal need to truly look at the whole picture. And to anyone who thinks they are doing well by STEALING the animals should be JAILED, if the owner doesn't take care of the people stealing his animals.
  • I love this show generally, but this episode was so bad - I am not sure I will continue to watch it!

    I am an animal lover and absolutely believe in the rights of all animals to be treated with respect. I also believe that you can eat meat ethically and be an ethical hunter. I loved the gentleman on this show and feel that he was unjustly demonized. He never said he believed in mistreating animals or that he believed that the disgusting treatment of cows, chickens and other animals at big mass farms is ok by any measure. While I did not agree with every opinion this man had, I would not be afraid to hang with him for 30 days. He has shown compassion, respect and a love of nature and animals. However, 30 days with the vegans would be pure misery - the misinformed and intolerant people in this story (I have plenty of vegan friends who are not like this - recognizing it is their choice of how to eat) is the same as people who are homophobic. The show didnt change Georges view about animals, he came to the show as an animal lover and left an animal lover. The real issue should not be focused on whether eating meat is wrong or right (that is an individual choice), it should be focused on supporting farmers who are using sustainable farming practices and ranchers who treat their animals with respect and care. We should be focused on changing farming practices, whether it involves animals or not, to respect the earth. He never said he supported animal research or any of the other vile things the show seemed to suggest he might - simply because he is a hunter. A fact is that the penicillin used to treat that sick cow came from animal research - I am not saying animal research is ok - because it isnt - but the hypocrisy presented here can not be overlooked. Most of the vegan people in this show are hypocrites by using any medications, wearing leather, using plastics, eating vegetables from non-organic farms and countless other things. It is also disgusting that the woman would compare hunting to the Nazis treatment of Jews - he never said he believed in any kind of cruelty and to compare his belief in hunting to the mass murder of Jews is irresponsible. The show also did little to educate people on how they can make a difference. Like supporting local organic farmers, free-range and organic ranchers and many other positive options we have out there. I have lost an immeasurable amount of respect for this show with this episode.
  • of course they are going to air an episode where a hardcore hunter becomes sensitized to 'animal rights'. just another spurlock one sided liberal view crafted in a clever manner to sound non-biased when it is nothing more than a one sided hippy show.

    well, spurlock must be vying for michael moore status in this one sided extreme right wing hippie (short for hypocrite) presentation of animal rights.

    hypocrite vegans eating by perpetuating the meat stereotype by fake meat in sandwiches etc. one lie caught is that one of the fate of the dead calf is dead animal pick up on the side of the road and that it 'could' be made into the meats and sausage you eat. in theory, anything is possible, even this outlandish claim, but meat is suppose to go through inspectors. yes, there was a recent beef recall but so was spinach, and presently, tomatoes.

    a big 'F'-'YOU' to this show!
  • Morgan's show has wonderful potential to enlighten, but the "Animal Rights" episode is distorted, clearly biased, and extremely worrisome.

    As a commercial fisherman, former Air Force veterinary technician/food and sanitation inspector, and certified master teacher I am extremely disappointed at how distorted the entire episode on animal rights was. As a fisherman, the primary function in the troll pit of a salmon boat is to ensure the humane and quick dispatch of any fish that is to be taken. Showing poorly paid, and ignorant men mistreating chickens and calves and implying that this type of treatment is the norm in the food industry wreaks of the type of hysterical hyperbole that PETA is so fond of perpetually disseminating. Showing dead animal carcasses and implying that they will somehow end up in our hamburger after being "rendered" is just absurd. No conscientious human being wants to cause inhumane suffering to any animal, and no conscientious human involved in the animal food industry was given a chance to speak on this program. PETA people would do well to vigorously examine the studies that have shown plants connected to alpha wave machines clearly responding to the act of having their leaves cut. Even the threat of waving scissors at the plants elicits a response that appears to be ALARM. Unfortunately ALL LIFE forms fight to live and (based on the alpha studies) are clearly concerned about their imminent demise. What will we have to eat next? Strictly inorganic goo that comes in tubes, I guess. Programs like this particularly alarm me because I spend considerable time trying to involve troubled youth in sport fishing rather than the gang-related activities that have become one of the most serious and insidious problems our country faces. We all agree that inhumane treatment of animals is not to be tolerated, but eliminating the consumption of all meat products, and the sports of hunting and fishing because we want to tell all our neighbors what to think, how to act, and what the TRUTH is, is beyond pompous, it is inexcusable.