30 Days

Season 3 Episode 3

Animal Rights

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • I love this show generally, but this episode was so bad - I am not sure I will continue to watch it!

    I am an animal lover and absolutely believe in the rights of all animals to be treated with respect. I also believe that you can eat meat ethically and be an ethical hunter. I loved the gentleman on this show and feel that he was unjustly demonized. He never said he believed in mistreating animals or that he believed that the disgusting treatment of cows, chickens and other animals at big mass farms is ok by any measure. While I did not agree with every opinion this man had, I would not be afraid to hang with him for 30 days. He has shown compassion, respect and a love of nature and animals. However, 30 days with the vegans would be pure misery - the misinformed and intolerant people in this story (I have plenty of vegan friends who are not like this - recognizing it is their choice of how to eat) is the same as people who are homophobic. The show didnt change Georges view about animals, he came to the show as an animal lover and left an animal lover. The real issue should not be focused on whether eating meat is wrong or right (that is an individual choice), it should be focused on supporting farmers who are using sustainable farming practices and ranchers who treat their animals with respect and care. We should be focused on changing farming practices, whether it involves animals or not, to respect the earth. He never said he supported animal research or any of the other vile things the show seemed to suggest he might - simply because he is a hunter. A fact is that the penicillin used to treat that sick cow came from animal research - I am not saying animal research is ok - because it isnt - but the hypocrisy presented here can not be overlooked. Most of the vegan people in this show are hypocrites by using any medications, wearing leather, using plastics, eating vegetables from non-organic farms and countless other things. It is also disgusting that the woman would compare hunting to the Nazis treatment of Jews - he never said he believed in any kind of cruelty and to compare his belief in hunting to the mass murder of Jews is irresponsible. The show also did little to educate people on how they can make a difference. Like supporting local organic farmers, free-range and organic ranchers and many other positive options we have out there. I have lost an immeasurable amount of respect for this show with this episode.
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