30 Days

Season 3 Episode 3

Animal Rights

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • One-sided and dishonest.

    Knowing that Morgan Spurlock is married to a vegan, I wasn't expecting this episode to be as balanced as others I've seen. The extent of the bias was still pretty shocking, though. This episode was basically an hour long advertisement for PETA. Despite being a self-proclaimed animal lover who opposes creuelty to animals, the hunter (George) was portrayed as an ignorant hate-filled redneck in desperate need of a "re-education" from the saintly vegans, who fed George a steady diet of lies, extremism, and self-rightousness throughout his stay. He was told that sick and dead cattle are ground up for human consumption. He was forced to participate in 2 protests, one of which was fairly extreme in its glorification of violence against the meat industry. He was told that meat eaters are no better than Nazis. He was chastised for placing the lives of humans ahead of those of animals. The show was blatantly propagandistic the whole way through.