30 Days

Season 3 Episode 3

Animal Rights

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • I enjoyed this episode the best so far. I myself am vegetarian. However, I think PETA activist bring more negative to the table than positive.

    It takes wit and guts to live ,eat, and listen to the PETA Vegans of America for 30 days. The hunter George should be given a medal or paid big bucks to endure such yapping. I tried to locate info concerning the calf named "Sugar" and found out his name was changed after the 30 days was filmed. I also wonder after Lauri at Animal Acres saw the show, if she realized how stupied her comments referring to Jews,Nazi's, and Hitler were. I know of several Jewish friends that were unnerved by her comments. I think her comments reflected poorly for PETA. The Barbie Twins..how many injections of botox do you think that they have received. Animal Testing?? How many of the movie stars that back PETA wear leather bottom (atleast) shoes, drive cars with leather seats, and have botox treatments. What about that Frank and the ninja stealing that calf? I guess PETA is allowed to steal! I beleive the state of Texas still hang people for cattle rustling. I beleive in humane treatment to animals, humans and even PETA activists. It seems, they have a different view of our society. Applause to George the hunter, he stuck to his guns but, kept an open mind. PETA activists could take some lessons from him.