30 Days

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 22, 2005 on Planet Green

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  • Almost completely annoying!

    I think that Spurlock, after doing such a good job on the first episode, had better re-evaluate the subjects for the remaining episodes.

    The focus of this episode was a (young) middle-aged couch potato who wants to regain his youth.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    The wrong came when this guy's wife got into the act. If a man acted like she acted, people would be whispering and pointing out the Neanderthal and how badly he treats his wife, always bossing her around. I've seen strong, assertive women. There is a significant difference between a strong, assertive woman, and a woman who acts like Wife did in this episode.

    When Husband's sperm count drops to zero from taking all the "micronutrients" and HGH and testosterone, Wife throws one of those conniption fits that:

    1. does not one thing to improve the situation
    2. returns the center of attention to her (its correct place)
    3. makes sure everyone is paying attention to her
    4. did I mention making sure she is being paid attention to?

    As one of those people who doesn't have a child, I really can't get worked up about this woman (and tangentially her husband) suddenly having to labor under (horrors!) the horrible thought of only having the two kids they already have. Here's a tip: be happy with what you've got instead of using the possibility -- the possibility -- of not getting what you want as a way to force people to deal with your undernourished ego.

    Spurlock needs to focus more on what the main point of each episode is. This was supposed to be about a guy taking hormone therapy to reverse the aging process (or come as close as possible), not about how it influences his marriage. The wife-husband interactions merely went to prove that once you get married, "you" cease to exist.

    The additional flourishes (there are a few other people interviewed briefly) of other anti-aging practitioners didn't impress either.

    For the most part, an entire program constructed around vanity. A much more impressive program could have been constructed by using a lot more science. Even a scene about caloric-restriction (the only demonstrated, that's demonstrated as in shown) and how it increases lifespan in all vertebrates it has been tested on, would have helped considerably.

    Truly, an unimpressive episode that smacked more of the worst elements of reality-TV than a serious attempt at an informative documentary.