30 Days

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • 30 Days always amazes me with its ability to portray the many elements of the big picture, including here several atheists of differing belief strengths, and a range of Christians, with varying openness towards atheists or people of other beliefs.

    As usual, this series continues to impress with its unique take on so-called "reality television" by infusing it with documentary-style clips that help viewers to understand the aims of the episode and keep an open mind towards both the host party and the visiting party. This episode to me was extra special, as I am a strong atheist, a belief that was never forced upon me (as with the visting party in this episode) but rather simply decided for myself over the course of my life (and with a healthy serving of scientific education).

    Nevertheless, even though I don't live in the USA (where I was disappointed to see how disrespectful some of the American Christians portrayed could be), still found it to be an enlightening experience - as I've seen, Canadians with strong religious beliefs aren't nearly as obnoxious (I realize that this may be an over-generalization, and apologize in advance). However, more importantly, the wife was a jewel, whose representation in this episode really in my opinion could be held up as an example that all strong-believing Christian Americans should strive to follow. She was kind, empathetic, and unlike her husband and many of the other Church-goers, did not see any real need to treat the difference in religious beliefs as something to separate herself from their atheist guest. Instead of assuming that an atheist has no moral values, she dropped that preconceived notion and allowed herself to see that her guest was as kind and accepting as herself.

    This was a great episode to see for Christians and atheists alike, because the two woman featured were examples of what sharers of their respective beliefs should strive to emulate. I myself, occasionally somewhat arrogant towards theists, am now finding myself trying to be more open and less divisive whenever possible.

    Just as an aside to some of you who may think that the atheist children were "closed-minded" at the Christian concert, I do not believe this to be the case. While some may argue that the very concept of atheism is closed-minded, that isn't really true because the fact is that any atheist who lives in the USA has been greatly exposed to the principles and concepts of the Christian faith - it is just an inevitable fact. What their mother was teaching was the exact opposite of that, in fact - to always have an open mind, and make decisions for themselves, and to simply let themselves be easily swayed by other people's radical beliefs (for example, pushy Christians who want to convert them). Rather, they need to analyze the facts. It shouldn't be hard to believe that whatever these kids were hearing in the concert was not new to them - quite the contrary, they've probably heard these arguments hundreds of times from their classmates and others while growing up. They've already decided that it isn't quite good enough to believe in God or Christianity, so they aren't listening to the lyrics. I myself, in a similar position, would find it very difficult to enjoy the music, if listening to lyrics that convey a message that I've already decided quite firmly in the past that I don't believe in.
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