30 Days

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • An Atheist being a Christian for 30 Days


    I really liked this . show because, being a Christian who does not

    follow their belief system, I have never imagined myself following the

    values in a disciplined way. I cannot imagine myself one day to

    suddenly start, studying the Bible then have discussions about it, and

    go to Church every Sunday. I found this very interesting, because I can

    compare my situation to Brenda's and experience through her eyes what

    it would be like if I was in her position. Throughout these thirty

    days, Brenda learned a lot, and also learned to accept other religions

    for what they are. This movie helped me learn the same thing as Brenda,

    and that even if I do not follow the beliefs that other religions

    believe in, I can still accept their religion. Another point that I

    really found interesting was the assumptions the Christian family made.

    The father of the family automatically assumed that Brenda had a

    negative view on Christianity, just because she is an Atheist. The

    neighbors of the host family also took Brenda's responses very

    personally, as if Brenda insulted Christianity. This helped me to

    understand and realize how easily Atheists are judged. Right after

    that, when some people on the streets were asked what they thought of

    when someone said the word "Atheist", one response was that they need

    help. This reveals and exposes how easy it is for one in the United

    States to judge Atheists, as if they are wrong. I thought this was

    really interesting as well, because it helped me to contrast what the

    United States' Bill of Right states. It states free exercise of

    religion. Even if they say that, Christians don't necessarily follow

    this amendment, they tend to believe that Atheists are wrong.