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Atheist/Christian episode

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    Aids was discovered in the early to mid 80's, and individuals took sometimes 10 years to show symptoms. Those numbers could simply be a reflection of the study's proximity to the aids crisis.

    I doubt the same study would deliver the same results today. And regarding the comments about christianity not being about money, on an individual level you're right. You are after all sheep, you know, livestock.

    People don't join a church for money, but it's hard to look at organized religions and say they aren't about making money. Look at the mega churches like were illustrated in the episode. They are businesses. The clergy are performaers, and the church hierarchy are businessmen. The catholic church is wealthy beyond reason. We've had a number of local churches fold together because they can't afford to pay the required fees to the church administration otherwise. The people that run the churches are in it for the money and the power.
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    Why is it that every time the atheist/christian questions comes up do people have to start flaming each other?

    I loved the episode. I thought that they picked a good balance by finding those two families. Sure, they don't represent all atheists or all theists--but they did well to balance each others feelings and values. I am glad that they could not have answered the questions better--I think that is the reality of the situation. (Although, I too would shout out answers during the show! Ha, ha.)
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    Just going to give a quick answer here because it was just TOO MANY QUOTES!

    Introduction: I'm a Secular Humanist, basically a fancy word for an atheist who believes that everybody should be treated equal no matter what religion you believe in, where you stand in the political spectrum, what sexuality you have, the color of your skin, we're all human beings, and it's our actions and how we live that decide who we are, and to treat people well.

    I live in Sweden, which is basically very secular, a very high percentage of atheists and agnostics, creationists are a minority, and there's no debate of whether evolution should be taught in schools or not, and I have never in my life heard a single story or whtvr of anyone feeling discriminated against because of their religion.

    So on to the core answers here:

    Morality. The question that only christians in America ask. Nowhere else in the world as far as I've noticed. The simple answer is; What do you think has been going on in the field of philosophy since before jesus was born?! Just check out Socrates, a philosopher killed 399 BC because he thought people shouldn't pray to the greek gods! Atheism, the persecution of atheism, and philosophy about morals have been around a LONG time.

    Here's what you can assume when you wonder about an atheists morality, or anybody elses for that matter!




    It's simple. I try to treat others as I myself want to be treated. Anything where you deprive another person of their freedom and wellbeing should be avoided (murder, rape, kidnapping, assault, I think you understand what I mean).

    Atheism. If I had to sum it up, it would be "Tabula rasa". To quote wikipedia (sry it's a lot of wikipedia, but I'm lazy).

    Tabula rasa refers to the epistemological thesis that individual human beings are born with no innate or built-in mental content, in a word, "blank", and that their entire resource of knowledge is built up gradually from their experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world.

    In my opinion, a human being isn't born with a religion, thus, it is born an atheist. It may be told of Jesus, mohammed, buddha, whoever. A child could start worshipping anything, kind of like a duckling can adopt anything as its mother (yes, even a balloon). Point in case, unless you acquire a religion, you're an atheist

    Atheism has no other common doctrine. You can have one atheist who's a communist, one who's a hardcore capitalist, one who's an anarchist, one who's a nazi, and one who's in love with a fence and likes to sleep in dogfeces. It doesn't matter. However, most atheists tend to not belong in any of those categories. Secular Humanist is probably where most atheists would label themselves if they knew what it meant.

    Equal rights. Like all secular humanists, I would never support a law that forbids any religion or whatever. An important part of "atheist history", is that atheists have been persecuted and executed for quite some time. Since we've only recently in human history become accepted in society (in most parts of the world), it would be very ignorant of us to deny theists the luxury of free belief that atheists have been fighting for for so long.

    I would hate it if I lived in a country where I wasn't allowed to be an atheist, I was forced to go to church, read the koran, whatever. Atheists don't want to deny the rights for christians, we just want everything to be viewed neutrally.

    Evolution. It's NOT a religion, faith, belief, whatever. Darwinism has evolved (funny eh?) since Darwin died. The fact of the matter is, it's only in the USA that evolution is being questioned by creationism or whtvr. Evolution is the Scientific Consensus. Now that's the key. It's not what we take as "an absolute truth that we believe in", it's just that it has overwhelming supporting evidence, that no other theory is even close. Evolution is basically proven, but in science nothing can ever be really 100% certain.

    What "believing evolution to be true" means, really, is that the scientific community can work without being crippled. That's it.

    I hope this answered some questions, even though I'm certain I forgot one or two commonly debated issues. More on that later I guess ^^

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