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Peer Pressure Problem

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    [1]Aug 25, 2006
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    I realize not everyone on this show has changed their beliefs over the 30 days, but the one thing that kind of bugs me is that in almost every show they seem to take one person and put them in a group of people with opposite views.     Don't you think peer pressure has to come into effect somehow?   I mean, if you're one person and ten to twenty people are telling you their views, you're almost just going to kind of give into their views because there are so many more of them than there are you.   

    I think they should make it even and let a family of five live with a family of five or something.  Just keep it equal.

    I think this is also why I liked the Minimum Wage episode so much (Because it wasn't an individual versus the crowd type of environment) and feel they should do more like that one.

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    They've done that a lot this season with one person living or being taught by a group of people with apposing views, I miss the episodes like minimum wage and others where the people actualy lived the life of that person.
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    'Peer pressure' isn't the term I'd use - I'd say you're just looking at cases of people who are gaining a first hand understanding of the various issues or peoples. For most of the part, the main person has been someone who's largely uninformed, getting their opinion from how they were raised, tabloid 'news' or some other dubious source.

    If you had two 'teams,' I reckon you'd find the people would stick to their own - and that's the problem here - each of the individuals (with a couple of exceptions) has only really stuck to their own in the past. The show is about taking them outside of their comfort zone and what they're normally cool with and throwing them somewhere that makes them uncomfortable - and, in some cases - offends and disgusts them (granted, they're not *that* bad if they've signed up for a show like this - especially the guys who did the gay one and the Muslim one).
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