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The "Minuteman" feels his views were twisted...

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    marvelfan89 wrote:
    I don't feel Spurlock cheated, neither do I feel that the minuteman's views were twisted, it's pretty clear what his views are. If you are illegal alien you don't belong here, regardless if the US Corporations like to exploit you, and then use you over their workers for cheap labor. Most of these minuteman people I've seen and read are total hypocrites. They're angry over the many illegal immigrants yet don't see to put their anger at the corporations hiring them or the gonverment because this shatters their faith in America as being clean, and honest. Plus the whole notion of this being their country is total crap as well, it's always hilarious how these type of people often tend to ignore the real truth because it messes up their agenda.

    In the past few years, the corporations involved in the hiring of illegal immigrants in California have taken a further step that makes their business legal. They have moved production just over the border inside Mexico and transport the finished good back into the US with over a million more trucks crossing the border than we've ever had. The drug lords have taken this opportunity of overwhelmed border security to smuggle trucks with drugs inside, since only about 1-2% of the cargo is ever searched. All this is creating a far worse problem than we have with the immigrants and is putting an incredible strain on law enforcement to keep up with any of the drug smugglers, dealers or users. The Mexican government is very corrupt and enable the production of the cocaine and keep the society in extreme poverty. There are a lot of issues with this that are far beyond building a fence and shipping people out. The problem must be treated at the very roots of the Mexican government. If we were able to change the way things work there and improve the lives of the citizens, then the problem would begin to resolve itself. Otherwise, we are going to be trying to police an unsecurable border and pour money into programs that won't work to solve this.

    If we can spend what is going to be 2-3 trillion on Iraq with our own oil interests in mind, then we can spend money in Mexico to help ourselves as well. I don't know what the "minuteman" is so upset about. Morgan left us believing he was a human being with feelings and capable of adapting his views. I guess that he's not so understanding after all, good thing he let us know.

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    This last post was fantastic and actually touched on my main point in the other thread of this episode. Many hospitals are closing because they are having to provide so many services free of charge because there are so many people without medical insurance or the ability to pay for services, especially in California. Thank you previous poster, it was a well thought out and presented response.
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