30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • The gun lover certainly lived in his own little world as did the others. His vast gun collection was scary.

    I didn't find the anti-gun woman scary at all and I don't know how the other reviewer could possible disagree with what she said. This episode if anything seemed to prove and validate every bad stereotypes about gun lovers: They don't value human life, they put protection as a top excuse for buying a gun, yet solicitation of guns only adds more crimes to a crime infested world. You want to talk scary that guy was literally loaded with guns all over the house and jesus doesn't it seem irresponsible to have your son whose barely a teenager with his own son in his room? Scary stuff how irresponsible some people can be.

    It's pretty simple really if you add more guns to a world already filled with guns you are gonna end with a lot of dead people. I've visited other countries during my time as well and guess what more guns have done? Absolutely nothing. If anything it has increased the crime rate. I recently read what a couple of Canadians said about gun control and they were hugely in favor of it. Most of them said that having less guns and more gun control would eliminate crime and result in less deaths. This seems totally possible so why don't Americans do it and why is America's gun death rate so high? it doesn't take a Canadian to figure that one out.

    Likewise, I feel that people making fun of the woman firing a gun don't really know what it's like to lose a loved one otherwise they wouldn't make such insensitive comments. One reviewer said her basis was raw emotion yet what about the gun lover? His opinion wasn't based on raw emotion? Of course it was. Most gun lovers/buyers say they are responsible, law abiding citizens yet stats don't seem to back that up.

    Imagine if a noise woke you up at night and you immediately got your gun not knowing what it was you might just kill an animal, or a person of your family arriving late...but hey if they're dead at least you protected yourself right? The reasons pro-gun activists use aren't really verified by anything other than paranoia and fear. Again some of these people seem to live in their world.

    Pia said it best don't they have anything better to do on a Saturday than shooting guns? Jesus now that is scary. Since this isn't a perfect world then logic would dictate that adding more guns to the mix wouldn't do any good. I mean this family of gun collectors were living in a small town. Now it be different if they were living in a higher, bigger city with the crime rate being high but their fascination, their paranoia of having every gun available is scary to me.

    Also what was up with that stupid story about the stalker?
    It seemed tacked on so a gun person could say "yeah that's the reason we buy guns". Yet this seemed more or a problem dealing with incompetent police (how do you stalk someone for fifteen years and still get away with it).

    The end of the episode was unsatisfying. Some feel Pia "saw the light" but I doubt it. I also doubt the Dad "saw the light" either. That's how it is with these issues.
  • A smart anti-gun activist lives with an ignorant gun lover.

    Gun lovers still don't get it, as long people have easy access to guns, guns will be the perpetuator of many deaths. They clearly don't care about the number of deaths each year attributed to gun violence. This whole cliché that "people kill people" is one of the most overused clichés ever and it's not really accurate, yes while people do kill people the method they use is mainly a gun. Pia didn't miss any points, actually the gun lover Kent MISSED THEM ALL. First I'am not surprised that the son said that the Dad was never proud of him until he got until the guns (goes to show what a bad parent this might be to have his son think of him so small that the only way they can bond is through use of guns) that's really sad. I'am also not surprised that Kent looked an idiot and had nothing to say against the victims of gun violence who told him until he knows somebody or has gun violence done to him will he really see the damage that guns do.

    Pia had it right the first time the only people that need to carry guns are the police and military. We also had birds eye of guns sales in action and what a surprise so many loopholes there. I mean all it takes is a simple background check and a honor system that is totally devoid of common sense. For instance one question as Pia pointed out was if whether "you have been in a mental institution" how many crazies who want a gun would say yes to that question? Yes you guessed zero or not many.

    Despite Kent's claims that the laws benefit gun abiding citizens actually they benefit anybody who wants to break the laws. As we saw clips of the gun , Morgan explained how in private sales, the laws and discretion diminish drastically as all it takes to complete a sale is somebody's name and an address. Talk about complete stupidity and people why why we have so many gun shootings in school.

    Again there is assumed stupidity that well everyone who owns a gun will always use it wisely completely idiotic. All of the arguments gun supporters are totally outdated and out of touch with reality. What did Morgan say there about 30,000 deaths a year due to gun violence. I don't recall Kent using any statistic to back up his useless arguments...I guess in his mind like in most gun lover you ignore those statistics. I guess all these hot to trot gun lovers don't care about that and this assumption that having more people armed in this country will diminish crime is the most stupidest thing. If anything this episode once again proves how all the arguments gun lovers put out there are very weak if not laughable and that many gun lovers are either ignorant or indifferent to the death that guns bring to this country.
  • Good idea-Wrong execution

    Repeatedly, Why are people who exercise their 2nd amendment rights referred to as gun nut or gun lovers?. I never here anti-gun zealots or anti-2nd amendments'ers. When media type go out to find gun owners they always manage to find the ones who seem like they right out of "Deliverance". What about the 98% of gun owners who are responsible everyday blue & white collar workers in this country who choose the exercise their constitutional rights and do it the normal way. 50 years ago guns were everywhere in this country. Kids in NYC rode the subway to school with rifles because their school had a shooting team they were on. No one flinched. The foundation of our constitution and the reason for the second amendment was not to plick tin cans. It was to keep the government in check and not walk all over our rights in case to the government got to big for itself. Well now we have a really big government and people want the government to take our firearms away so we can't defend our self's. PS when Rosie ODonnell disarms her body guards, maybe I will listen to her argument.
  • Pia as well as the other anti-gun people still dont get it. She completely misses the point...Criminals dont follow laws and thats precisely why they are called criminals. Persons who use guns to kill dont care about laws..MURDER is already ILLEGAL.

    Again we (Law Abiding citizens) end up having to defend our right to bear arms against people who think that more laws will result on less crime. I wonder if anyone tried to ask Pia at the conclusion of the show if her friend had a weapon to defend herself against her attacker, do you think she would have used it and would she think differently about guns? Would she be alive today if she had a weapon of her own? Or if Pia had a weapon and was in the same room when the attack took place whould she have stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility to defend the life of her friend?
  • An anti-gun woman who clearly cares little about actually understanding the issue goes to live with a gun owner, work at a gun show, etc... She is undereducated, narrow-minded and ignorant.

    She spends the entire show making illogical arguments and not listening. When will gun critics please start realizing they can't group violence from ILLEGAL gun owners with legal gun owners (which is basically non-existent). Gun ownership just evens the playing field for the people who want to use guns properly. By removing gun owners rights you are just putting the rights of citizens below the acts of criminals. The show did seem to help her at least understand that some very normal, safe people have very logical reasons for owning weapons but she still just doesn't seem to get it. Hope they get better participants for future episodes.
  • Fantastic idea! However, dreadfully handled. Please, try again with the intent for results.

    Handing an emotionally traumatized woman suffering from Hoplophobia who should have been, at the very least, instructed on the criminal and civil law governing the use of firearms for self-defense while also learning from unbiased studies performed by truly honest experts such as Dr. John Lott Jr. ( Who was initially anti-rights/gun until he realized what his own research glaringly revealed. ) before she was unceremoniously dropped off to just another citizen exercising his inalienable right to defend himself instead of who she should have been in the care of a certified firearms instructor. ( preferably a law enforcement firearms instructor who would completely dispell the nonsense she and the other fearful/grieving women who also have no idea what they're talking about. ) As we all saw under the situation given, the predictable outcome was the same result as a newborn spanked into breathing air. The only difference being the newborn actually benefits from the crying where Pia was merely traumatized again by her own self-imposed fears which also shook-up Ken...all of it, completely unnecessary and no, it did not "make for good TV".

    Ken should have also known better than to let a small woman shoot a shotgun at a fast/small moving target for her first experience but, perhaps this was someone's stupid idea of a joke to do so. She should have been given a .22 single action rifle at a close and large stationary target while she rested it on a bench...maybe even a pellet gun. ( For too many reasons to list this is the ideal way to introduce anyone to the shooting sports but, especially a small woman or a child. )

    As it happens we now know there is a woman in Massachusetts who flinches terribly when she shoots a shotgun OR a hand gun, who is left with many more questions than she ever pretended to learn and Ken is highly frustrated...whereas his son may be the best served by the whole experience in possibly getting a scholarship to shoot for Ohio State and a acquire a college education.

    Once again, please, your best possible results for this excellent idea is to follow the above suggestions and re-shoot this. ( Pun intended. )

    Thank you.
  • The show is about the misadventures of an anti-gun activist, Pia, who lives for 30 days with a pro-gun family in a rural Ohio town.

    It is well worth watching to see what sort of delusions some people hold on to, but can be painful to watch at times. She goes in with the contention that no one ought to own a gun. We briefly see that she lives very close to a Boston suburb ghetto and her discussion of how guns have brought ruin to the ghetto... without realizing that Massachusetts is one of the most difficult places for legal gun ownership.

    We even get to hear the oft-quoted "fact" that 30,000 people die from firearms every year. Yes, it's truly sad and frustrating. However, it is not ever year -- it swings, even going down to 10,000. Yes, even 10,000 is too much, but some death and accidents cannot be legislated out of existence -- just a fact of life. Alcohol is tightly regulated, more so than many European countries, yet we face more alcohol deaths than them. Alcohol causes 70,000 deaths in the U.S.

    We see her and another woman crying on their first real handling of a firearm. It's really sad that people can live so isolated as to cry upon handling a gun. Certainly, it's understandable if a strong, traumatic event was a first-hand part of a person. Yet, the strongest we see: Pia's anti-gun crusade is due to someone semi-close to her being hit with a firearm. Instead of a murderer being persecuted, their tool was. Do people cry when the handle knives? Do people discuss legislating knives since it has been used in many documented murders? It may sound ridiculous, but they're doing just that in the UK as UK knife crime soars (the UK is a "gun-free" society).

    Eventually, she comes to realize there could be reasons to own a gun. The least of all is entertainment, where you can tell she is slightly entertained once she finds a gun that fits her... but she won't admit it. She does instill some positivity, though; she encourages the son in the pro-gun family to more seriously consider college. It doesn't end very satisfyingly, but well worth the watch to understand "the other side".
  • It shows both sides of the fence on "gun control". Unfortunately, it's not the guns that have to be "controlled". This episode states this opinion several times.

    Pia was very courageous to step up to this challenge. I'm glad she had a chance to see that guns are not as "evil" as she first suspected. Also, the show points out a very important mater about private sales. I have worked for a gun supplier in the past and the "no background check" situation makes ME nervous. Before I worked for the supplier, I did not allow my kids to even own toy guns. Now that I have "gun knowledge" they are in a 4-H group "Sharp Shooters". Many people who are against guns are not knowledgeable on the amount of training there is out there, and most of it is for free. Thank you for airing this episode.
  • The anti gun woman clearly needed some help and was suffering from some sort of ptsd. she was rather irrational and slightly scary.

    I don't even know how that other reviewer could call this antigun advocate a smart woman. From what i saw she probably did her cause more harm than good. She fired one shot from a shotgun and immediately broke down in horrible sobbing like she had just shot her baby in the face. Clearly she was dealing with some kind of mental trauma and was basing her advocacy on raw emotion and trauma instead of reason. She just wouldn't listen to the mans reasons or entertain the notion that she might be wrong. Basically she believed that banning guns would make us safer. Of course the fact that this would only disarm the law abiding just didn't seem to get through to her. I guess she thinks a war on guns would be as effective as the war on drugs? I guess for some people only good intent matters, reality be damned. In a perfect world you would never need a gun, but as we know, its not a perfect world. Unless you have your own personal police officer the best they can do is avenge your victimization most of the time. Its a reality people don't like to think about.

    In fact if you follow the british media you will have seen that there is a wave of anti knife hysteria going on over there. It seems that banning guns didn't stop crime, and now they live in fear as criminals grow more brazen and they hand ever more power to their government to protect them in a vicious cycle of civilian disarmament. There are calls for random searches in london and other draconian measures. The only narrative thats being played in their media is that they need to give more power to their government and give up civil liberties to combat this "knife culture". http://www.reason.com/news/show/28582.html
    "Gun Control's Twisted Outcome

    Restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S."

    I'm not sure i bought the end of the episode either, she seemed to jump from an extreme position to a more moderate one that i'm not sure i bought. Either something was off or there was a lot of footage that was missing that would have explained it better.