30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • Fantastic idea! However, dreadfully handled. Please, try again with the intent for results.

    Handing an emotionally traumatized woman suffering from Hoplophobia who should have been, at the very least, instructed on the criminal and civil law governing the use of firearms for self-defense while also learning from unbiased studies performed by truly honest experts such as Dr. John Lott Jr. ( Who was initially anti-rights/gun until he realized what his own research glaringly revealed. ) before she was unceremoniously dropped off to just another citizen exercising his inalienable right to defend himself instead of who she should have been in the care of a certified firearms instructor. ( preferably a law enforcement firearms instructor who would completely dispell the nonsense she and the other fearful/grieving women who also have no idea what they're talking about. ) As we all saw under the situation given, the predictable outcome was the same result as a newborn spanked into breathing air. The only difference being the newborn actually benefits from the crying where Pia was merely traumatized again by her own self-imposed fears which also shook-up Ken...all of it, completely unnecessary and no, it did not "make for good TV".

    Ken should have also known better than to let a small woman shoot a shotgun at a fast/small moving target for her first experience but, perhaps this was someone's stupid idea of a joke to do so. She should have been given a .22 single action rifle at a close and large stationary target while she rested it on a bench...maybe even a pellet gun. ( For too many reasons to list this is the ideal way to introduce anyone to the shooting sports but, especially a small woman or a child. )

    As it happens we now know there is a woman in Massachusetts who flinches terribly when she shoots a shotgun OR a hand gun, who is left with many more questions than she ever pretended to learn and Ken is highly frustrated...whereas his son may be the best served by the whole experience in possibly getting a scholarship to shoot for Ohio State and a acquire a college education.

    Once again, please, your best possible results for this excellent idea is to follow the above suggestions and re-shoot this. ( Pun intended. )

    Thank you.
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