30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • It shows both sides of the fence on "gun control". Unfortunately, it's not the guns that have to be "controlled". This episode states this opinion several times.

    Pia was very courageous to step up to this challenge. I'm glad she had a chance to see that guns are not as "evil" as she first suspected. Also, the show points out a very important mater about private sales. I have worked for a gun supplier in the past and the "no background check" situation makes ME nervous. Before I worked for the supplier, I did not allow my kids to even own toy guns. Now that I have "gun knowledge" they are in a 4-H group "Sharp Shooters". Many people who are against guns are not knowledgeable on the amount of training there is out there, and most of it is for free. Thank you for airing this episode.
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