30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • A smart anti-gun activist lives with an ignorant gun lover.

    Gun lovers still don't get it, as long people have easy access to guns, guns will be the perpetuator of many deaths. They clearly don't care about the number of deaths each year attributed to gun violence. This whole cliché that "people kill people" is one of the most overused clichés ever and it's not really accurate, yes while people do kill people the method they use is mainly a gun. Pia didn't miss any points, actually the gun lover Kent MISSED THEM ALL. First I'am not surprised that the son said that the Dad was never proud of him until he got until the guns (goes to show what a bad parent this might be to have his son think of him so small that the only way they can bond is through use of guns) that's really sad. I'am also not surprised that Kent looked an idiot and had nothing to say against the victims of gun violence who told him until he knows somebody or has gun violence done to him will he really see the damage that guns do.

    Pia had it right the first time the only people that need to carry guns are the police and military. We also had birds eye of guns sales in action and what a surprise so many loopholes there. I mean all it takes is a simple background check and a honor system that is totally devoid of common sense. For instance one question as Pia pointed out was if whether "you have been in a mental institution" how many crazies who want a gun would say yes to that question? Yes you guessed zero or not many.

    Despite Kent's claims that the laws benefit gun abiding citizens actually they benefit anybody who wants to break the laws. As we saw clips of the gun , Morgan explained how in private sales, the laws and discretion diminish drastically as all it takes to complete a sale is somebody's name and an address. Talk about complete stupidity and people why why we have so many gun shootings in school.

    Again there is assumed stupidity that well everyone who owns a gun will always use it wisely completely idiotic. All of the arguments gun supporters are totally outdated and out of touch with reality. What did Morgan say there about 30,000 deaths a year due to gun violence. I don't recall Kent using any statistic to back up his useless arguments...I guess in his mind like in most gun lover you ignore those statistics. I guess all these hot to trot gun lovers don't care about that and this assumption that having more people armed in this country will diminish crime is the most stupidest thing. If anything this episode once again proves how all the arguments gun lovers put out there are very weak if not laughable and that many gun lovers are either ignorant or indifferent to the death that guns bring to this country.
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