30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • The anti gun woman clearly needed some help and was suffering from some sort of ptsd. she was rather irrational and slightly scary.

    I don't even know how that other reviewer could call this antigun advocate a smart woman. From what i saw she probably did her cause more harm than good. She fired one shot from a shotgun and immediately broke down in horrible sobbing like she had just shot her baby in the face. Clearly she was dealing with some kind of mental trauma and was basing her advocacy on raw emotion and trauma instead of reason. She just wouldn't listen to the mans reasons or entertain the notion that she might be wrong. Basically she believed that banning guns would make us safer. Of course the fact that this would only disarm the law abiding just didn't seem to get through to her. I guess she thinks a war on guns would be as effective as the war on drugs? I guess for some people only good intent matters, reality be damned. In a perfect world you would never need a gun, but as we know, its not a perfect world. Unless you have your own personal police officer the best they can do is avenge your victimization most of the time. Its a reality people don't like to think about.

    In fact if you follow the british media you will have seen that there is a wave of anti knife hysteria going on over there. It seems that banning guns didn't stop crime, and now they live in fear as criminals grow more brazen and they hand ever more power to their government to protect them in a vicious cycle of civilian disarmament. There are calls for random searches in london and other draconian measures. The only narrative thats being played in their media is that they need to give more power to their government and give up civil liberties to combat this "knife culture". http://www.reason.com/news/show/28582.html
    "Gun Control's Twisted Outcome

    Restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S."

    I'm not sure i bought the end of the episode either, she seemed to jump from an extreme position to a more moderate one that i'm not sure i bought. Either something was off or there was a lot of footage that was missing that would have explained it better.