30 Days

Season 3 Episode 5

Gun Nation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • The gun lover certainly lived in his own little world as did the others. His vast gun collection was scary.

    I didn't find the anti-gun woman scary at all and I don't know how the other reviewer could possible disagree with what she said. This episode if anything seemed to prove and validate every bad stereotypes about gun lovers: They don't value human life, they put protection as a top excuse for buying a gun, yet solicitation of guns only adds more crimes to a crime infested world. You want to talk scary that guy was literally loaded with guns all over the house and jesus doesn't it seem irresponsible to have your son whose barely a teenager with his own son in his room? Scary stuff how irresponsible some people can be.

    It's pretty simple really if you add more guns to a world already filled with guns you are gonna end with a lot of dead people. I've visited other countries during my time as well and guess what more guns have done? Absolutely nothing. If anything it has increased the crime rate. I recently read what a couple of Canadians said about gun control and they were hugely in favor of it. Most of them said that having less guns and more gun control would eliminate crime and result in less deaths. This seems totally possible so why don't Americans do it and why is America's gun death rate so high? it doesn't take a Canadian to figure that one out.

    Likewise, I feel that people making fun of the woman firing a gun don't really know what it's like to lose a loved one otherwise they wouldn't make such insensitive comments. One reviewer said her basis was raw emotion yet what about the gun lover? His opinion wasn't based on raw emotion? Of course it was. Most gun lovers/buyers say they are responsible, law abiding citizens yet stats don't seem to back that up.

    Imagine if a noise woke you up at night and you immediately got your gun not knowing what it was you might just kill an animal, or a person of your family arriving late...but hey if they're dead at least you protected yourself right? The reasons pro-gun activists use aren't really verified by anything other than paranoia and fear. Again some of these people seem to live in their world.

    Pia said it best don't they have anything better to do on a Saturday than shooting guns? Jesus now that is scary. Since this isn't a perfect world then logic would dictate that adding more guns to the mix wouldn't do any good. I mean this family of gun collectors were living in a small town. Now it be different if they were living in a higher, bigger city with the crime rate being high but their fascination, their paranoia of having every gun available is scary to me.

    Also what was up with that stupid story about the stalker?
    It seemed tacked on so a gun person could say "yeah that's the reason we buy guns". Yet this seemed more or a problem dealing with incompetent police (how do you stalk someone for fifteen years and still get away with it).

    The end of the episode was unsatisfying. Some feel Pia "saw the light" but I doubt it. I also doubt the Dad "saw the light" either. That's how it is with these issues.
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