30 Days

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • In this episode, a minuteman (Frank) is sent to live with a family of illegal immigrants for 30 days.

    This show really put a human face on illegal immigrants. This is my favorite episode by far.

    At the beginning of the episode I was leaning towards siding with the minuteman Frank but as the episode progressed Frank became irritating and I grew to love the illegal immigrant family.

    Even though these people were illegal immigrants, its hard to blame them for coming here after viewing the portion of the episode where Frank traveled to the family's old home in Mexico. They pretty much lived outdoors with a tin roof. There was not even sanitized water to drink.

    They seem to be really good people, especially the mother. One of their daughters was a straight A student and a Princeton hopeful. You really fell for these people.

    At the end Frank claimed to love these people but wanted to send them back to the hellhole they came from. This really irritated me, Frank doesn't know the first thing about love.
  • Very informative and inspiring. One of the best episodes.

    The whole thing seemed ironic. A man who reports illegal immigrants spares an illegal immigrant family. This episode helps people get a different perspective on illegal immigrants. It gets people out of their paradigms. My sociology teacher saw this episode and she felt touched how the whole story went. It shows how a low income family survives and shows everyone what most people nowadays take for granted like their comfortable jobs.

    It also describes why people escape Mexico in the first place. They want to better themselves, but are not given a chance in Mexico. They had two options: escape to the US and live on very low income OR stay in Mexico and be homeless.
  • An interesting episode that allows the Minutemen to voice their side (presumably unedited) and also allows the illegals their side.

    While watching this episode it was interesting to see the contrast between the illegals digs in the USA versus their old digs in Mexico. But it raised many more questions like:
    - Why can't they do the same thing in Mexico? After all, the terrain is nearly identical to California.
    - One of the protesters had a sign saying "Who is going to build your fence?" Well, if they are such good builders and hard workers, why did the buildings look so poor in Mexico?
    - From my own experiences in Mexico I know there are good areas in Mexico. Why not legally flee to more prosperous parts of Mexico rather than illegally fleeing to the USA?
    - When the first Pilgrim settlers came to America there was *nothing* here except nature. They worked hard and built what you see today. Seeing as Mexico has almost nothing too, what is stopping them from building and improving their own country?
    - And the final question: If anyone who believes in hard work ends up fleeing Mexico, who will be left to improve Mexico?
    Overall an interesting episode. The director allowed the Minuteman to point out that many of the illegals were marching Socialist/Communist flags and icons, which was surprising. Usually they hush that aspect up in the media. The editor and narriator of this episode kept mentioning how they must try to change the Minuteman's mind, however, so it was quite biased in many respects towards the illegal point of view. There was also much manipulation with music and editing to make the Mexicans appear as sympathetic as possible. The thesis seemed to be: "They really want to be here badly, therefore we must let them be here." I don't know if that stance flies with many Americans but it certainly didn't move me.
  • A great film. Everyone should see this film to understand immigration.

    This film of immigration brought tears to my eyes. I remember too when I came in America from Romania to escape the revolution. We came to visit in America but we didn\\\'t want to go back. So, we stayed in our uncle\\\'s basement for some time until my father got a job at the factory and my mother got a job as a cleaning lady for three houses. They worked like horses, but, America gave them something- an opportunity to have a job, jobs that not many Americans want. We are not taking away your jobs, we are taking away the jobs that Americans don\\\'t want to do. So far, my family has saved money and it has been 16 years since we came to America. We finally got out green card just last year. My grandmother died 4 years ago and we were not able to see her since we didn\\\'t have a green card. My grandfather died and I was not able to see him. I hope that they too can forgive us. I am a college student now, completed three years. My gradepoint average is 3.7. I am not a citizen and I have been waiting for my citizenship since 1991. I am now considered a permanent resident and this label took 15 years to recieve. I am 21 years old now and still waiting
  • Awesome discussion on a very heated issue

    This was just an amazing episode. I don\\\'t think that the show preached a platform; instead it opened an insightful discussion that allowed both parties to take a look at what is actually on the other side.

    I think it\\\'s heartbreaking to see a family like this. These people work hard, and the reason that they are here illegally is simply because they are seeking a better life. I can\\\'t blame them for wanting to be here, even if I, as a taxpayer, have to flip the bill. Living in America is about having opportunities that weren\\\'t available before.

    However, I don\\\'t think this show is about proving who\\\'s wrong or right. The reason why this was a fantastic show was that there was a serious change in the way Frank perceived this family. I don\\\'t think he changed his beliefs, but he found a different perspective that he never would have considered before.
  • Minuteman lives with illegal immigrant family for 30 days

    The family in this episode was very likable but they seem to miss the fundamental point: They are here illegally. Regardless of how nice or well intentioned they may be, they broke the laws of the country that they decided to call home. My next door neighbor is a great guy, but if he robbed a bank he is still a criminal. A lot of ministers preach the "good word" but there are some that do unspeakable things to children, does their professed love for the lord relieve them of criminal liability? Of course not. No one is against immigration, but what the illegals fail to grasp is by essentially "jumping the line" they are doing their own countrymen and others who are doing things the right and legal way to gain citizenship. As for the daughter wanting to go to Princeton, why should she be rewarded for a criminal act? And as for jobs Americans "don't want", that is also incorrect, all Americans want is fair pay for a solid day's work, when illegals come in and undercut the prices they are not paying taxes on money earned, they are committing another crime by not reporting the income, and they are allowing themselves to be used by many unscrupulous business owners, if they will cut costs on labor, where else are they cutting costs? I personally get offended when I see illegals on tv act so incredibly militant because they snuck into the country. And they talk of how they "deserve" this and that, if these people don't have the strength of character to follow the rules and migrate legally, why should they be entitled to anything this country has to offer? That argument "they are already here" is nonsense, if I go stick up a pizza joint and get away for a time, do I get a free pass for the crime? I think not. Something must be done on BOTH sides to stem the flow of illegals. It is out of control.
  • My parents were also immigrants who came here in the 50's. I empathize with both sides, however, the illegal problem is different these days and overwhelming to a nation that is already riddled with problems of its own.

    I like one very important comment the host said, "these people need to stay in their own country and try and fix it". I feel that we already have so many problems lately, especially in California, and the over population with illegals is getting worse and having an adverse effect on our life style. Many of these illegals drive with no license, and when they have legal problems, they simply run back to their country, leaving us to clean up the mess. The family he stayed with, I felt, was an exception to the rule. I dont believe they represent the majority of how hispanics household. If a person wants to have rights, they need to be a part of society, submitting to its laws, paying taxes, being accountable like we are. The majority of these hispanics work for cash and never have to pay any taxes. My parents immigrated years ago, (legally) but no one ever helped them, nor did running back to their original country become an option ever. They blended into the american culture and abided by its rules. They were an asset to an already functioning system. When hispanics get in a position of leadership, guess who they hire? YUP just their own .......... I have met some wonderful hispanic people, however, just like the host said, I still believe that there should be laws adherred and this problem needs to be addressed. The white people are now the minority here. Can we all go to college free now?
  • Watching this guy Frank to be not only narrow-minded but also a hypocrit made extremely upset. A Cuban, whose parents were illegal immigrants, yet calls himself \"American\". HA!!

    This chapter really irritated me and this the personal perspective of a legal educated latina:

    - First of all, this guy Frank is in denial. Has he looked himself in the mirror? He is cuban!!! Has he ever wondered where he would be, shall his parents hadn\'t taken the risk to leave Cuba and pursue a better life? He is so full of... He is in no position to fight against immigrants because he is one of them. He claims to be defending \"his\" country... Does he realize this is NOT his country? He is Cuban. What is he doing here in the US?

    - It was so irritating to see someone like him, eating and sleeping at this family house and yet he didn\'t go through the hardship of not having documents. He was so ungrateful.

    - I wish I had seen him transition those 30 days in Mexico
    City and trying to find a job. How old is he? 45? 50?
    Guess what dude... You wouldn\'t get a job down there no matter how educated or how much experience you have. You know why? Because you would be considered to be \"too old\". THAT had been very interesting to watch.

    - All this immigration focuses on the poor illegal ones. Howewer, as a legal immigrant I know the pain that it is to be certain age, with lots of experience and yet not to be able to find a job in your home-country.

    All I can say is this man Frank is in no place to make such a buzz. First, he is latin. Second, he is NOT American. Third, he comes from illegal immigrant parents. He was just a lucky guy who takes for granted what others of us have to work so hard to earn.
  • A Minuteman, who legally migrated from Cuba in his childhood, lives with an illegal immigrant family.

    This show just proved for me what I already believed. I personally believe illegal immigration is wrong. Here are some facts taken from the show that support my claim.

    - Many illegal immigrants don\'t really want anything to do with Americans or even the United States, but are forced to come here to support and feed their families like Rigoberto.

    - Coming here illegaly cheats yourself out of ever receiving the true \"American Dream\" like many illegal immigrants really want like Rigoberto\'s daughter and her hopes of being excepted to Princeton. Rigoberto and millions of others are exploited by American businesses.

    - One of the biggest, if the not the biggest, is in fact the Mexican Government and the corruption in it. How they neglect all of their own problems and the United States is the one that addresses them through topics like this, illegal immigration. Noone living under the circumstances such as this family, wouldn\'t want to make something better for their family.

    The thing is, there are billions of less fortunate people in this world but the United States can\'t take care of everyone. There is no doubt that illegal immigrants are great, loving and compassionate people, but we can\'t bring everyone over. We can\'t solve world poverty.