30 Days

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • Watching this guy Frank to be not only narrow-minded but also a hypocrit made extremely upset. A Cuban, whose parents were illegal immigrants, yet calls himself \"American\". HA!!

    This chapter really irritated me and this the personal perspective of a legal educated latina:

    - First of all, this guy Frank is in denial. Has he looked himself in the mirror? He is cuban!!! Has he ever wondered where he would be, shall his parents hadn\'t taken the risk to leave Cuba and pursue a better life? He is so full of... He is in no position to fight against immigrants because he is one of them. He claims to be defending \"his\" country... Does he realize this is NOT his country? He is Cuban. What is he doing here in the US?

    - It was so irritating to see someone like him, eating and sleeping at this family house and yet he didn\'t go through the hardship of not having documents. He was so ungrateful.

    - I wish I had seen him transition those 30 days in Mexico
    City and trying to find a job. How old is he? 45? 50?
    Guess what dude... You wouldn\'t get a job down there no matter how educated or how much experience you have. You know why? Because you would be considered to be \"too old\". THAT had been very interesting to watch.

    - All this immigration focuses on the poor illegal ones. Howewer, as a legal immigrant I know the pain that it is to be certain age, with lots of experience and yet not to be able to find a job in your home-country.

    All I can say is this man Frank is in no place to make such a buzz. First, he is latin. Second, he is NOT American. Third, he comes from illegal immigrant parents. He was just a lucky guy who takes for granted what others of us have to work so hard to earn.
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