30 Days

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • An interesting episode that allows the Minutemen to voice their side (presumably unedited) and also allows the illegals their side.

    While watching this episode it was interesting to see the contrast between the illegals digs in the USA versus their old digs in Mexico. But it raised many more questions like:
    - Why can't they do the same thing in Mexico? After all, the terrain is nearly identical to California.
    - One of the protesters had a sign saying "Who is going to build your fence?" Well, if they are such good builders and hard workers, why did the buildings look so poor in Mexico?
    - From my own experiences in Mexico I know there are good areas in Mexico. Why not legally flee to more prosperous parts of Mexico rather than illegally fleeing to the USA?
    - When the first Pilgrim settlers came to America there was *nothing* here except nature. They worked hard and built what you see today. Seeing as Mexico has almost nothing too, what is stopping them from building and improving their own country?
    - And the final question: If anyone who believes in hard work ends up fleeing Mexico, who will be left to improve Mexico?
    Overall an interesting episode. The director allowed the Minuteman to point out that many of the illegals were marching Socialist/Communist flags and icons, which was surprising. Usually they hush that aspect up in the media. The editor and narriator of this episode kept mentioning how they must try to change the Minuteman's mind, however, so it was quite biased in many respects towards the illegal point of view. There was also much manipulation with music and editing to make the Mexicans appear as sympathetic as possible. The thesis seemed to be: "They really want to be here badly, therefore we must let them be here." I don't know if that stance flies with many Americans but it certainly didn't move me.