30 Days

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • My parents were also immigrants who came here in the 50's. I empathize with both sides, however, the illegal problem is different these days and overwhelming to a nation that is already riddled with problems of its own.

    I like one very important comment the host said, "these people need to stay in their own country and try and fix it". I feel that we already have so many problems lately, especially in California, and the over population with illegals is getting worse and having an adverse effect on our life style. Many of these illegals drive with no license, and when they have legal problems, they simply run back to their country, leaving us to clean up the mess. The family he stayed with, I felt, was an exception to the rule. I dont believe they represent the majority of how hispanics household. If a person wants to have rights, they need to be a part of society, submitting to its laws, paying taxes, being accountable like we are. The majority of these hispanics work for cash and never have to pay any taxes. My parents immigrated years ago, (legally) but no one ever helped them, nor did running back to their original country become an option ever. They blended into the american culture and abided by its rules. They were an asset to an already functioning system. When hispanics get in a position of leadership, guess who they hire? YUP just their own .......... I have met some wonderful hispanic people, however, just like the host said, I still believe that there should be laws adherred and this problem needs to be addressed. The white people are now the minority here. Can we all go to college free now?