30 Days

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • Minuteman lives with illegal immigrant family for 30 days

    The family in this episode was very likable but they seem to miss the fundamental point: They are here illegally. Regardless of how nice or well intentioned they may be, they broke the laws of the country that they decided to call home. My next door neighbor is a great guy, but if he robbed a bank he is still a criminal. A lot of ministers preach the "good word" but there are some that do unspeakable things to children, does their professed love for the lord relieve them of criminal liability? Of course not. No one is against immigration, but what the illegals fail to grasp is by essentially "jumping the line" they are doing their own countrymen and others who are doing things the right and legal way to gain citizenship. As for the daughter wanting to go to Princeton, why should she be rewarded for a criminal act? And as for jobs Americans "don't want", that is also incorrect, all Americans want is fair pay for a solid day's work, when illegals come in and undercut the prices they are not paying taxes on money earned, they are committing another crime by not reporting the income, and they are allowing themselves to be used by many unscrupulous business owners, if they will cut costs on labor, where else are they cutting costs? I personally get offended when I see illegals on tv act so incredibly militant because they snuck into the country. And they talk of how they "deserve" this and that, if these people don't have the strength of character to follow the rules and migrate legally, why should they be entitled to anything this country has to offer? That argument "they are already here" is nonsense, if I go stick up a pizza joint and get away for a time, do I get a free pass for the crime? I think not. Something must be done on BOTH sides to stem the flow of illegals. It is out of control.
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