30 Days

Season 3 Episode 6

Life on an Indian Reservation

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • 30 days on the Navaho Indians... Please update


    The show on the Navaho Indians was life changing, I had my family watch it a 2nd time this week. I can't stop thinking about how they don't have access to water at their home. Can you please post an update. Is there anything we can do to help?

  • Thanks for getting this out there, it really is this bad and worse. People don't know how well they have it even as hard as it is out here, its worse on these Rez. Our gov. does nothing for them to speak of.

    I work at a Charity Call Center for these Native American Reservations, in these areas and yes it is this bad and worse. Although the Navajo Rez is one of the largest it's not the poorest. Try going to the Pine Ridge Reservation. They are one of the poorest in our Country. A lot of them end up pulling the wood from the inside and outside of their homes and putting blankets on the walls, so they have something to burn in the winter to stay warm. They often keep their trash, also for winter burning. Not healthy, but they have to stay warm. Many don't even get one Nutritious meal a day. Our Charity helps alot of these inpoverished Reservations. Their income levels are only about 1/5 of our nations regular income. Most don't have vehicles and are miles from civilization. Thanks for bringing a light on these deplorable situations. We watched this episode at our job one morning and the people you stayed with some of our agents have been there and had met them long ago. We wouldn't allow anyone out here to live like most of these people have to,especially on the
  • The episode left me with many mixed feelings such as the value of education, proud of the Navajo People facing such poverty,to wanting to establish Humanitarian efforts in this area and the realization that my Tribe has been truly blessed by the Creator.

    I was truly touched by this episode due to the informative and Educational value that it had.I am from both Native American and Irish Culture.The episode showed the Navajo People to be a proud people in the face of diffucult situations.The people showed the importance of the continuance of the Navajo language to the young as well as the Cultural teachings to the next generations to follow.The episode showed the Dennisons,and Grandma to be a hard working people in a very poverty stricken area,lacking simple supplies and water. The episode also showed the reality that many tribal people must leave the reservation to find gainful employment elsewhere because of the lack of employment in the area.The episode also showed an elderly Medicine Man performing a sweat which I was surprised to see on television because it is so Sacred and Ceremonial.
  • I appreciate Morgan's insight and his ability to share the lives of many back home.

    I've never seen the show before so seeing this episode as an introduction to 30 Days was awesome.

    I'm in the group of Navajos who left the Reservation. I was born and raised on the Rez but at 13, my mother joined the military and we moved all over. My experiences outside the Rez was amazing but I will always consider it my home. I currently reside in the San Francisco area with my family. Though, my parents remain on the Rez and visit the grandchildren as much as possible.

    I don't know how many people were affected by this episode but I can only hope that it has touched some lives. There are so many issues back home and I think no one really knows where to start in terms of improvement. I think what was shown by Morgan was important and I was truly touched.

    Thank you to Morgan and his crew. You did an amazing job. I just wonder if you are still running and praying. ;) Walk In Beauty, Morgan.