30 Days

Season 1 Episode 3

Muslims and America

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2005 on Planet Green

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  • Terrific concept for an episode... much needed. I only gave a lower score because this subject matter is tough to scratch in 30 days. Much left untouched, by necessity. Next, the reverse -- a muslim among jews?

    The participants seemed well chosen. Nobody, mercifully, seemed fanatical. There were a couple of things the Muslim community seemed to get not quite right about Christian doctrine (\\\"drink is illegal\\\" for instance). And that dinner conversation, I would have liked to see go on longer.

    Also, it might have been stronger if we\\\'d seen not just how the muslims are at home... or predominately that, anyway... but maybe to see them at work, in a modern context. That second Imman in normal clothes... very distinguished...

    There\\\'s a lot about Islam that\\\'s caught up in a very different kind of tradition that can seem very old world. And that\\\'s fine. We can learn from seeing that. But it\\\'s eye-opening to see that they can also lead very American, very modern lives too. I guess we did see some of that... the softball game, etc.

    I\\\'d love to see this done again, but with other mixed themes. Maybe a muslim from this community that goes among jews or Christians for 30 days. And then, only a little further from this theme... a white blue collar worker living with migrant Mexicans... or among urban blacks... and vice versa... a black city kid in a white community...

    On the whole, i thought it was a good episode.

    The airport stuff and the petition signing, particularly eye-opening.