30 Days

Season 2 Episode 4

New Age

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • Excellent!!! I've liked every episode of this show I've seen! It's made me re-evaluate my stance on issues such as out-sourcing, illegal immigrants, etc.

    I found it very interesting because I have applied many of the New Age principles into my lifestyle (yoga, chiropractic care, etc). Although I found it ironic that Tom's live-in-girlfriend, Misti, was so turned off from the New Age lifestyle because of the "spirituality" focus, when she herself, a professed Christian, would clearly take the Lord's name in vain and was living in adultery by not being married to Tom (Exodus 20: 7 and 14). I'm not saying that I'm perfect either, but if you're going to be critical of other people's beliefs, you should be striving to be living your own. Also, spirituality plays a huge part in Christianity. God is also the Holy Ghost, and we should be in-tune to the Holy Ghost so that we know what God is trying to tell us for our own personal lives. Meditation is very good at helping one tune-in to what personal revelation God is trying to give you.