30 Days

Season 1 Episode 5

Off the Grid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2005 on Planet Green

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  • For as much as it tries, it is still just Reality TV

    I happen to like the show a lot. Most of the other episodes tend to be fair and honest as one can be when taking a very one-sided approach to an issue. The point is clear that Americans do have a much heavier impact on global scale than most know. But I am not certain that you can hit home with a special about two city-dwellers trying to make it work on an eco-village for 30 days. This only makes for good TV, which is obviously the full intention of this episode.

    To make it clear, I found the show very informative and learned more interesting information about bio-diesel and hu-manure as well as using manure as an energy source. The way that people live in eco-villages is amazing and they deserve to be acknowledged for what a small strain the put on the environment. Unfortunately, the show does not make it clear that not that much has to be sacrificed to live that way. You can still eat meat, watch TV, drink, drive, and enjoy a happy life by living this way.

    The show made it seem as if the two test cases were in complete misery while there, but in a response from Dancing Rabbit, it wasn’t as bad as reality TV perceived it to be. Check it out here: http://www.dancingrabbit.org/30Days_response.php

    Simply put, the show is bold and superior to any other reality show out there because they don’t focus on the superficial situations that, deep down, no one really cares about. They focus on the hard issues that we, as compassionate human beings, really do care about, but aren’t necessarily aware of because of the flood of worthless reality shows that already exist today. However, if 30 days continues down this path of misrepresentation of events and slight of hand for the benefit of creating interesting reality TV, then they are really no better than the other reality TV.

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