30 Days

Season 1 Episode 5

Off the Grid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2005 on Planet Green

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  • Off The Grid is about how Humans interact with their environment.

    As I summarized Off the Grid was one of my favorite episodes of 30Days primarily because there does not seem to be any morbid fascination of Religion or forcing someone to adhere to a different belief. I loved that the show showcased sensitivities about various topics such as allergies to smells. I personally cannot handle strong smelling aerosols and I've had to try to adapt to work environments and living environments where people around me did not care about my own health. Johari is shown to interact with One of the DR members and seem to hit it off when the gal explains to Johari about her allergy. One thing I did not like about the show is that People do not have to go live in the country and be hillbillies to be eco-conscious. It takes an effort on each person yes but no one HAS to live off the grid. But this episode felt to explain their experiment they showed this commune. There are people who have wind generators, solar panels, and geothermal pipes around their homes and they do not have to live like hippies. Regular people can take Public Transportation (if its available), choose to drive Bio-Diesel or Hybrid vehicles, switch to CFL lightbulbs, recycle products, and eat locally grown foods and reduce all the things in their life. I also did not like the way the show showcase that Vegan was the way to go. There are millions of people who eat regular average diets and still are very eco-friendly. There is definitely a One sided approach to the show.
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