30 Days

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • This is about the episode on Outsourcing to India. It was my least favourite of all his episodes yet. Morgan Spurlock needs to get out of the \'American Mould\' where Third World Countries are always shown in a bad light!

    I think Morgan\'s show on 30 days in India was very weak, where this laid off programmer from US goes to India to get his job back!! First of all he should have gone to Washington DC to the White House and protested there if he wanted his job back! It\'s his govt.\'s decision...dah!! U can\'t even figure that out!!!
    Secondly it was very demeaning, patronising and insulting towards Indians...the way the fat slob who went to Bangalore was talking about India and it\'s people. Everyone loves their country more...trust me, just like u love living in the US, Indians love living in India...And of course Morgan has to make India look bad to the Western world by showing all the bad things and not concentrating on the good ones! It obviously gives him and the \'laid off\' people whose jobs have been ousourced a feeling of superiority even though they have lost their jobs, by portraying India in a bad light...it\'s not as bad as he made it look and thats a fact! Your\'Holier than Thou\' attitude was nauseating and guess who has the last laugh anyway!!!
    Indians are not trying to be like Americnas cause we have a very beautiful culture and tradition. By staying with one family from South India doesn\'t mean he\'s figured out North, West and East India or even the rest of South India. It was specific to one family only and no, Telemarketing is not looked up on as a very good job, it is one of the lowest white collar jobs in India too. Indians pride in their education and professionals more than any other country in the world.
    India is a huge country, going to one city and one home doesn\'t show the mindset or life style of the rest of India. It was just an episode made for the target audeience which is Americans, who know no better than what they are shown on TV. It was just made to make them feel better about themselves, that\\\'s what they are best at anyway!!! I did not see the purpose of the episode except to give\'a feel good\' feeling to Americans.
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