30 Days

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on Planet Green

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  • Outstanding and balanced depiction of the reality of outsourcing.

    This is an outstanding show, showing the reality of how outsourcing impacts India. The lives and attitudes of Indians are very accurately captured (as much as one can in a 45 minute show).

    A number of Indians have written negative reviews of this show because of "how it portrays India." This is very very sad in a number of ways. I am Indian, and I'm ashamed of how so many other Indians try to ignore the deep problems and suffering in India, and even worse, get mad when these problems are depicted. I am ashamed because, much more than here in the USA, most people who are well off in India truly feel that they are better human beings than their poorer brethren, and feel that the poor get what they deserve (or perhaps get more than they deserve). That's why, when such people are shown on television, many well-off Indians think "Why would they show such people? Why not show all the smart elite Indians? They are ones who matter."

    Of course, we in the USA have the luxury of not having to see such intractable and systemic poverty every day. We can be shocked by it. In India, heartbreaking scenes of exploited and suffering children are commonplace, and one feels powerless to help. It is easier to blame them for their own troubles, even when you know it is a ridiculous thing to believe.

    Those interested in doing more to help should consider giving to such charities as Asha for Education, or AID India, where 100% of donations go to organizations on the ground in India (volunteers handle all overhead costs).
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