30 Days

Planet Green (ended 2008)


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  • Bye bye stereotypes, finally a show that attempts to portray reality.

    Well presented show that looks at many different lifestyles and the facts about the way these lifestyles are lived. Helps remove myths about certain lifestyles and the stereotypes that people choose to believe.

    Morgan produced and starred in the hugely successful "Supersize Me" that looked at how fast food has "shaped" our lives and the impacts it has had on our health. The show places an individual in an environment where they have prejudged predjudices and will need to experience the lifestyle that often goes against their beliefs.

    We see the individual ask questions that many would like answered and helps viewers to learn more about what is truth and what is fiction.

    Excellent show for those that live a sheltered life and don't get exposed to other cultures. In this show questions are asked and answered, ultimately leaving the viewer to decide how they feel about the "topic" with their newly found knowledge.