30 Days

Planet Green (ended 2008)


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  • Yay, more unbalanced B.S. from Spurlock, just what we needed. Hey, at least it's entertaining.

    Originally I gave this show the worst review I could muster, but after a couple vieweings it has really won me over. It is every bit as unbalanced and even outrageously biased in parts as I expected, but on the plus size it is at least entertaining. Sadly, Spurlock still has a number of axes to grind and doesn't care whether or not he presents his case in any sort of a fair and balanced way. Just as with "Supersize Me" he completely ignores any dissenting information, and blows any supporting evidence way out of proportion, which is a real shame since his original concepts are truly excellent. I'm still undecided whether or not he is intentionally abusing his credit as a documentarian, but I am leaning this way as there are no disclaimers to the opposite at the start of the show. Nevertheless, I am eagerly anticipating any future shows, but remain hopeful that he will transform from a propagandist into a true journalist of sorts, becuase his ideas are inspired.
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