30 Days

Planet Green (ended 2008)


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  • ***** All the shows done for "30 Days" are excellent.

    This is reality TV in its true form. 30 Days is done very well, showing respect to its subjects. How would you like to see what it is like to walk in another's shoes without having to actually do so? To see how hard someone has to work to give society something that we take for granted? To see how the actions and beliefs of others can affect society for good and for bad? This show gives you that and more. This show should be mandatory viewing for everyone, and it should definitely be shown in the high schools. This show makes people think, understand, and, finally, to empathize. In this day and age, couldn't we use these traits? I cannot wait for more episodes. Thank you, Morgan Spurlock, for attempting to open up society's eyes. I've learned a lot and am a better person for watching.