30 Days

Planet Green (ended 2008)


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  • A hour worth of eye opening material.

    This show takes controversial subjects (most of the time anyhow) (IE: Gun control avocate vs Gun entushiast, pro choice vs non pro choice, etc). Some shows puts a person in a bad situation (IE: 30 days of minimum wage, 30 days of being "paralized", 30 days of living on an Indian Reservation, etc...). This show is directed and produced by the same individual (Morgan Spurlock) who directed/stared in Super Size Me (2004). This is one of those very rare shows that takes a controversial subject and makes it approachable with others. 30 Days will get you talking about you side of the issue with another person and will help you keep an open mind. In some cases with this show I have watched it, been FIRMLY on one side of the issue before the show started, and ended up questioning my side of the arguement at the end of the show after seeing the other side. This show absolutely has the power to do that each and every time it shows. I look foward to it each week. I don't use my TIVO to record shows very often (I have maybe 5 or 6 set to record weekly), but this is one of them. It is an absolute must!
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