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Planet Green (ended 2008)


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  • Episodes range from "eye-opening" to "predictable". Either way, 30 days is essential viewing.


    I really liked Morgan's film "Super Size Me" and as soon as I heard that he was doing a series I couldn't wait.

    I think it's a shame that Morgan didn't personally do all the challenges set by the program but I suppose logistically each episode must take at least 30 days to make (plus editing and post production etc) so it just wouldn't be possible for him to be heavily involved in every story-line.

    Because of the different "presenters" used in each episode I found that it became less of a coherent series and more like a collection of individual documentaries. I also found that my enjoyment of the program depended very much on who was involved in each individual task.

    For example, Morgan and his girlfriend were excellent on the "Minimum wage" episode as they are obviously used to delivering pieces to camera. Whereas the "Off the Grid" episode was spoiled due to the fact the presenters weren't really interested in doing the task set them and seemed to spend the time making a joke of the whole eco-friendly movement.

    My favourite episode was probably "Muslims and America". The presenter learned a lot about the Muslim population of America and even did some of his own research when he found that the liason supplied by 30 Days wasn't much help. Not only did he learn but I learned a hell of a lot too.

    Other episodes included "Binge Drinking Mom". I thought that the Mom in the program did a very good job in trying to show her teenage daughter the possible long term effects of binge drinking and tried to do so in a calm and rational manner. The daughter however deserved a serious kick up the backside; she just didn't want to listen and I couldn't help but wish her a fatal liver failure in later life.

    The series deserved more than 6 episodes for it's initial run but as I mentioned earlier maybe this was due to the logistics of making this sort of program. With an almost inexhaustable supply of topics waiting for them, I can't wait for season 2.