30 Days

Season 3 Episode 4

Same Sex Parenting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2008 on Planet Green
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Same Sex Parenting
Kati, a Californian mother of two adopted children, attempts to spend 30 days living in Ypsilanti, Michigan with domestic partners Dennis and Thomas Patrick and their four adopted sons.
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  • Too bad there is not a law that restricts people like Kati from having children.. then the world would be a better place.

    First of all, I want to say, I believe in God but I dont believe the bible "word for word" and it scares me that anyone would. Men wrote the bible not God and as far as I know there has never been a perfect man. The bible was written by men who thought they were inspired by GOD.

    If someone came up with a book today and said it was the word of GOD as spoken through me... .we would have that person commited but yet people today believe what men wrote thousands of years ago and think it is the exact words from GOD

    GROW UP PEOPLE... think for yourselves. How can a LOVING GOD hate and condemn people? We are all GODS Children so what kind of parent would HATE their kids because they were gay People are born gay and GOD does not make mistakes

    GOD LOVES US ALL...including GAY PEOPLEmoreless
  • sad

    This issue is truly sad. I cant believe the poor children who are placed in such family situations with the absence of a mother and father and in the control of 2 men distorting the meaning of sex (the fruit of the family) by their very situation. The issue here is not about "personal beliefs" or "not having an open mind." That is candy coating the truth under it all. Children need a household of a natural order. The 2 men "playing" as father and father, is not natural. It is absolutely contrary to the psychological construction of a family, thus society. Just as foster care children need a good home/family to be saved from their horrible situations, they also need to be placed in homes that will not distort the psychology and underlying natural order of a family. You see....there is a deep moral issue here, and whether one chooses to believe or not, whether one chooses to face it, in truth, children need a natural family upbringing for their psychology-for the truth of Love itself. 2 men playing as parents are constantly going AGAINST love by irritating the very fruit of love.....sex. This is why same sex people must not adopt. Unfortunately, the message of this show presents it as question of "personal preference" and "comfort" devoid of moral and by leaving Kati as the only one to defend this Truth.

    These children are being raised in this way-so contrary to the natural order. A perversion of sex.moreless
  • I feel for the families that had to participate in this show. It must have been very difficult to be in this situation.

    I feel for the families that had to participate in this show. It must have been hard for Kati's children to miss their mother for a full month. The whole time, though, I watched this and felt that Kati was being overly aggressive about her beliefs. These children have a wonderful home and seam to be very happy there. Why can't people just let others be. Yes, she had her beliefs but why does she feel that she has the right to judge other people on what they believe or practice. I applaud the Patrick's for their patience and hope they know that the show being shown on T.V. exposes their point of view and may help others to accept their beliefs and life choices.moreless
  • This episode covers a good topic, but I find Kati's mentality frustrating - would it be much different to discriminate against overweight people - saying they couldn't adopt because they might teach kids what some see or "feel" is an unhealthy lifestyle?moreless

    I know there are people who feel obesity is a dangerous lifestyle and wouldn't want to see overweight parents passing on these bad habits to young kids. And the problems overwieght kids face - teasing, low self-esteem and discrimination. But would obese adults be denied an adoption because of it... Doubtful.

    The bottom line is what is best for those kids. When there aren't enough "mom and dad" adopting, how can a loving home by 2 moms or 2 dads not be a good enough. And why do some people feel so inclined to act they have a right to judge others?moreless
  • The controvercial same-sex parenting adoption is challenged on this episode. A morman woman stay with a gay couple who are working for gay adoptions, yet the woman Kati feels it is wrong by God's laws.moreless

    I felt that this episode of this fairly new show was informative because it did show each side, yet not always evenly. Tom and Denis are the couple that Kati stays with. The show did show how children raised in a same sex home do have some social and more problems then children raised in a mom and dad home and also showed how many children do not have homes and are left with horrific childhoods because they didn't have a home. I felt like the show was biased. The woman staying in the gay community was put down for speaking her opinion,yet she also brought herself into that situation by often getting a little too angry at the lesbian or gay parents. Overall, I felt the show accomplished nothing and although showing both sides, didn't give a full or fair story to each side. I would only recomend this show to people who are pro-gay families.moreless

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