30 Days

Season 3 Episode 4

Same Sex Parenting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • A Christian perspective about this episode. Gay adoption is okay. Trying to change someone's beliefs - not worth the time.

    First of all Kati is mormon not Christian, there's a great difference. I was proud of Kati for standing up for what she believes is morally right. She was asked some hard questions and I would've felt frustrated being attacked like that too. Here's the thing, I can't speak for every Christian, but I can speak for myself and my beliefs about what I understand of Christianity. Christians (at least me) should not be AGAINST gay adoption. It's not really the adoption part that's a problem for me. I could tell that the 2 men in this episode gave those kids a great and loving home. I'm not against gays, I love them as God tells us to love all people. Lets face it, we're all sinful, homosexuality is just one of the many sins listed in the Bible. I had a pastor who has a gay son, and he loves his son and accepts that he is gay it's when he lives sinfully as a gay man where it's a problem, just like a man committing adultery on his wife is equally sinful. I don't believe Christians or anyone else should dictate what gays can and can't do. Living without Christ as your savior, you're never going to agree with a Christian, just like Christians are never going to give up what Christ taught to appease gays. I was glad at the end where Kati and the men agreed to disagree. Lets face it, gays aren't going to become straight because Christians think it's wrong. And gays can't convince a strong Christian that being gay is not against what God says. I think we should love and accept gays just as Jesus loved and served all sinful people. He befriended prostitutes, gluttons, and all kinds of people, so we should too. Show them the love of Jesus, and leave it up to them what they want to do with their lives. In the end we'll be judged by Jesus, and really it's up to Him and not us to judge homosexuals. Only he knows our hearts and every action. So speaking as a strong Christian, I'm deciding I am not against gay adoption. I don't think children need a mother and a father to grow up normal. Kids grow up in so many different types of families these days, who is to say what is normal anymore? If anyone, gay straight, bi, black, white, muslim, Christian, Buddhist, whatever want to love and care for a child in need. PLEASE people, it's okay! Lets face it, children need homes, good homes, and if a gay person or couple can give a child a good home, YAY! They're not teaching their kids to be gay they're teaching their kids to be kids!

    So really I didn't agree with Katie or the Patricks. It was so hard and awkward to watch this episode. We all have our opinions but lets not let our opinions dictate others. Lets just worry about ourselves and the good of mankind.
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