30 Days

Season 3 Episode 4

Same Sex Parenting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2008 on Planet Green

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  • sad

    This issue is truly sad. I cant believe the poor children who are placed in such family situations with the absence of a mother and father and in the control of 2 men distorting the meaning of sex (the fruit of the family) by their very situation. The issue here is not about "personal beliefs" or "not having an open mind." That is candy coating the truth under it all. Children need a household of a natural order. The 2 men "playing" as father and father, is not natural. It is absolutely contrary to the psychological construction of a family, thus society. Just as foster care children need a good home/family to be saved from their horrible situations, they also need to be placed in homes that will not distort the psychology and underlying natural order of a family. You see....there is a deep moral issue here, and whether one chooses to believe or not, whether one chooses to face it, in truth, children need a natural family upbringing for their psychology-for the truth of Love itself. 2 men playing as parents are constantly going AGAINST love by irritating the very fruit of love.....sex. This is why same sex people must not adopt. Unfortunately, the message of this show presents it as question of "personal preference" and "comfort" devoid of moral and by leaving Kati as the only one to defend this Truth.
    These children are being raised in this way-so contrary to the natural order. A perversion of sex.