30 Days

Season 1 Episode 4

Straight Man in a Gay World

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2005 on Planet Green

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  • "Straight Man in a Gay World" episode

    I found this to be a good episode. It's the only one I've watched so I don't have any of the others to compare it to, but I liked seeing how it worked out. I think that the Christian protesters were very harsh and that God doesn't hate people, as it says in the bible that he forgives (I'm agnostic raised Christian [don't ask how that came about]) everyone of their sins. What they were doing was harsh, especially the civil rights worker. It was interesting to see the similarities in lifestyles (only thing really different is the type of bars and their "private life").
  • This episode of 30 days was a fine example of how Americans love to find justification for hating. God hates no one people do. There are seven things God hates and only those seven things are mentioned in the Bible.

    To say that God hates any person or people based on race, sex, age, weight, or sexual orientation is to misrepresent God. Americans love to justify their hateful natures, and what better way to do that than to blame it on God. The key word here is HATE. Nowhere in the Bible does it specifically say God hates homosexuals or homosexuality. Nowhere does it say God hates any particular group of people based on something so trivial. God hates seven things and they all deal with human character, something much more important when determining how to feel about a person or group of people. God's opinion is based on the quality and strength of our character because that is what determines what kind of person one is. My point is, no one has the right to pick what part of the Bible they will take a stand on. Either you believe in the whole word or you don't. In fact, the Bible speaks on those who think to straddle the fence. There is no such things as warm, either you're hot or cold. None of us are in a position to judge and condemn anyone else because none of us abide by the whole word. If we did we wouldn't hate so easily. Jesus didn't feel compelled to speak on two topics some humans have made major issues. Homosexuality is one of the issue of which I speak. Again the Bible teaches us character if we are open to receive such a message. It does not teach us hate. What kind of world would it be if everyone allowed everyone else to live the lives they are born into without being judged? What kind of wonderful things could we learn from each other? God does not hate homosexuals, but he does hate the Greedy, the lazy, the lustful, the gluttons, the prideful, the wrathful, and the envious. All of these attributes deal with the character of an individual, and to think some of us admire so many of those who encompass all of these traits, and despise those who display none of them.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. I am a straight male and this truly showed how religion has once again proven their existence as evil. The church of protesters are so mean. I doubt they will make it to a better place as a result.

    Do not judge those around you simply because you disagree. I disagree with making a sign saying "when **** die God laughs". How un-christian can someone be? This is by far a representation of how evil people are and how they use their church to cover it up. Step up and be a better person and stop preaching against people simply because of their sexuality. The world would be a better place if we all treated our neighbors with respect. Live life as a good person and you will benefit in the end.
    The straight guy was so closed minded to the life style and actions of the gays that he had trouble understanding them as people and their confusion in life. I believe people are born gay and others choose it. Religion should not be considered a factor. We all know what happens when religion gets involved with peoples lives, wars take place and people get hurt. Leave people alone and live your own life and stop raising your kids to hate.
  • God-fearing, homophobe hicks? Eh, not so much.

    Let me just say, I am from Oxford, the town Ryan\'s from. We are not the god-fearing, homophobic, hicks we looked like.

    That aside, I enjoyed this episode. It gave me a new perspective into both sides of the argument. I myself am not against gay people, so it was cool to see the other side.

    My favorite part was when the guys were playing baseball. Ryan sucked, which is funny because my dad was his little league coach. Ha ha.

    Over all, this was an excellent episode. Morgan Spurlock truly is a genius. I can\'t wait for the new season to start.
  • Excellent pairing

    I felt that the pairing in this episode was stellar. To those who are saying that it was unrealistic, I say that at 21, I was going to bear bars and hanging out with gay men of many ages - my own and also older.

    The gay life of a 40 year old is no less relevant than that of a 20 year old. In many ways, it is MORE relevant, because at 20, we don't know nearly as much as we will later in life. I've seen this demonstrated over and over.

    As for the assertion that the young ones didn't deserve to be taken to task for taking their shirts off - I disagree. They knew what they were doing; they knew that they weren't gay and were therefore misrepresenting themselves. For thatn alone, they deserved the harsh words.
  • I thought it was a great episode! Im neither gay nor male but I didnt see any thing wrong with the pairing.

    I thought it was a great episode! Im neither gay nor male but I didnt see any thing wrong with the pairing. The \"straight\" guy was kind, intelligent and suprisingly open, his room-mate was well spoken and straight foward. Although the underlying idea was not so original - every talk show has done it, but I too was brought up in a very (jewish) orthodox home, so its interesting to see how he took to it. Good Job!

    Good Job!
  • Loved the idea, didn't like the choice of gay characters.

    I really liked this episode. I am gay and my experience with homophobes has always been to engage them and show them how ridiculous they are. I refuse to see the Christian conservatives as my enemy and invite them to get to know gay people for who they are. I think they will be surprised.

    About the episode, I loved how at the end when his father made some comment about the gay pride parade (or something similar), the straight guy felt that he had been put in the place of knowing what we gays and lesbians feel when straight folk go off on how decadent and perverse we as a community are thought to be. How taking anything out of context can look negative. I think the show failed in the group of gay guys they chose in the Castro. Where were the gay parents? Where were the gay professionals? They were wimpy, non-confrontational and a watered down stereotype of the old gay culture (70s and 80s). I think our community has changed somewhat from shallow bar hopping, French cheese loving, tacky art loving 40 year olds trying to look 20 (well, I hope anyways). These are not the gays and lesbians I hang out with and I don\'t live in a place as progressive as the Castro. We\'re here, we\'re queer, we have kids, SUVs and mortgages in the burbs. Get used to it.
  • While it's always a good thing to see things trying to teach tolerance and equality for all people, it should be with more realism and be, at least, somewhat meaningful.

    I try watching programs that deal with acceptance of diversity. This one may have tried to jump on that band wagon, but it fell rather short.

    As another reviewer noted that this young man goes to stay with a way over the hill gay man (38 in the gay world is ancient). He should have lived among those of his own age. That is a completely different world.

    The scene that really buried this show for me was when these 2 straight men were in a gay bar dancing with their shirts off and were offended by gay men pawing them. The old fella these boys were staying with got on their case about taking their shirts off in the first place. So was he saying that if you take your shirt off in a gay bar you're expected to get pawed up and molested? So on the other side of the coin, a woman who goes out dressed sexy and gets raped is asking for it?

    I think both sides need to learn more tolerance and acceptance.

    As for the comments about the creator of the show? Never heard of him or saw his pseudo-documentary about eating fast food and getting fat. I guess it's a natural transition if you're doing nothing but driving and eating.
  • Did anyone else think that this pairing was not right and more for shock value than anything else? Come on! An old gay guy with a young straight guy?

    Good effort in trying to put too very different lifestyles together but there were so many items that SHOULD have been done to make a more compatible show. Meaning:
    You pick a heterosexual just graduated from college that is young and athletic to live with a much older homosexual male that is out of shape and in a much different “place” in life because of his age. Wouldn’t this program show a truer representation of “gay USA” if they took him to live with someone gay closer to his own age. Was the point of the show all about the “shock factor” putting him with a much older gay man to go visit a bear bar? I am a recent college graduate and served 2 years abroad and I don’t hang out with guys 40+ or go to bear bars.
    We hosted Morgan at UNLV just this past fall and I have lost a lot of respect for his work because of his pick of a much older gay man. One who might represent “his” age bracket of gayness well but does not, what so ever, represent the age of Ryan’s “counterparts” in the gay community!
    Did Morgan think that just because we out younger we are as gay? Someone please let me know if anyone else saw this as a shock value by having this old guy and his old friends pared together with this much younger guy? He should have been paired up with someone gay his own age!
  • The Reason For This Show

    So far this has been the best episode of this series, even topping it's thought-provoking first episode about living life on Minimum Wage. This episode shows the viewers the purpose for this show by brilliantly portraying how an open minded individual whose lived in a close minded world can slowly knock down some of the stereotypical walls that surround him, just by being able to somewhat walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Finally, this show gives us it’s purpose and it’s best episode to date.
  • straight guy staying with gay guy in San Fransisco

    Very intriguing first episode. I thought the show did an amazing job at showing all sides of the gay/straight issues and the very narrow views that alot of Americans have regarding homosexuals. Its compelling to me that when you meet someone and get to know them, there is a high probability that you will realize they are more like you than different. I truly enjoyed the show, and it got our family talking about different points of view. Great job! Can\'t wait to see the next episode.
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