30 for 30

Season 1 Episode 18

Jordan Rides the Bus

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2010 on ESPN

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  • 8/24

    This 30 for 30 documentary was only 60 minutes with commercials. Going in I thought that would be too short and they would not be able to cover everything, but they found a way to drag on and barely make the 60 minutes.

    Michael Jordan did not even appear in front of the camera. He just narrated, and barely even cared about it.

    Terry Francona was his manager, I did not know that, and he did a good job putting the situation over. Red Sox fans know what a quality manager he is, so I am sure he brought out the best in MJ.

    This was a good story to tell, but just a mediocre documentary.