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Rachael's new kitchen set

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    [1]Aug 24, 2007
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    Was anyone else disappointed when they recently changed her set?? I suppose those new pullout shelves are handy, but that big orange background is pretty ugly and distracting. I'm glad she seemed to keep her vintage style fridge and stove, but I can't say I like those tiny green tiles on the wall. I loved her old colors and tiles. They were fun and really soothing. Everything in her kitchen now just screams for you to look at it, and it's really distracting.

    Plus, as much as I like Rachael and her cooking show, I'm beginning to notice that I wish she'd just be quiet a little bit of the time. It's like she has to fill every on-air moment, and it's really not necessary, IMO. I enjoy her tips while she's cooking, but maybe just every so often she could either cut, dice or cooking without talking a mile a minute.
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    [2]Aug 31, 2007
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    I also dissapointed with the new set, not as personable
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    [3]Nov 4, 2007
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    I hate the new set! The colors are just too much and I don't know why, because I usually LOVE Rachel Ray, but since she got her new set I think she has become really annoying...
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    [4]Nov 13, 2007
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    ehh i think its ok.. theres a LOT of orange. i love her futuristic microwave. and her AWESOME drop oven. i think the new set fits HER personality
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    [5]Jan 21, 2008
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    The one thing I like about her having a new set is that it is easy to tell at a glance if this is a new episode or not just by looking at the background. I don't particularly care for the pull out shelves because they look like things are just piled on there and are kind of a mess sometimes. But it is more realistic than just happening to have the five ingredients you need all neatly lined up in the little bitty cabinet doors she had before. The other thing I like is that she now makes repeated trips around the kitchen instead of carrying 48 things at once. I know that was kind of one of her trademarks but it's not at all realistic for me (or for my mother in a wheelchair) so now it seems more reasonable for all those little things that take a few extra minutes. But overall I really like the show and most of the recipes. I still can't find some of the "convenient" ingredients she uses (and can't afford to buy others) but this type of cooking feels accessible to me. Unlike some other shows on the Food network that are either too fancy or not enough actual cooking, I enjoy this one.
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