30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 16

Apollo, Apollo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • So-so episode.

    How many episodes this season have revolved around Tracy living out some fantasy or dream? That concept has been played out so I was a bit disappointed when the writers were unable to come up with anything more innovative for the "B" storyline than that.

    Have to love the Adam West cameo, but Jack's 50th birthday party just seemed so irrelevant and uninspiring, instead of the momentous event it should have been. I am glad the endings to the show are starting to correlate with the plots of the episodes more (ala Seinfeld) but this was only average by 30 Rock standards.
  • Space the nothing

    30 Rock,
    Apollo, Apollo,
    In this episode Jack turns 50 years old. Thinking he has done everything until Kenneth and his puppets make him try different. He then goes crazy trying to make himself the 10 year old self. Tracy wanting to go space gets it sorta by Jack not wanting to kill his childhood dream. So the fake pertend. While Liz's old boyfriend comes back dummy. And we find out that he did it with Jenna because of Hurrican Katrina. In the end there friendship in dispear and coffee not selling. Overall i didnt like this ones as much as would thought. I thought they didnt fully put out the plot with tracy. Funny with the puppets though
  • I almost peed in my pants watching this...

    Well, I don't know how long, but its been a long time since I've seen such a fun filled 30 Rock episode. Seriously this was effin' hilarious.

    First of all, Tracy going into space! And Jack's idea of simulating the whole experience in the set itself was mind boggling. It was so funny to see Griz carrying a heater behind him to convince that the launch is from Florida. Dennis Duffy's storyline was OK; at least it wasn't boring. Finally the icing on the cake, was the last part- Liz starring in a commercial for phone sex!. There were a lot of scenes that were hilarious; and I simply can't pen them all down. Nevertheless, this was one spectacular episode.
  • Funniest episode in a long time!

    This was such a hilarious episode, I found myself laughing almost every 10 seconds. There were so many gags, long jokes and shorter, quicker funny lines that made this episode one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time, maybe ever. I loved seeing the world through Kenneth, Tracy and Jack's eyes, each one of them suiting the character and equally funny. Dennis made a return to the series for this episode, and created a bit of a rift between Jenna and Liz. I don't mind his character as he has some very funny lines and the ensuing rivalry between Jenna and Liz (while short lived) had some funny moments. Jack's quest to be happy was also a great side plot, and Tracy's trip to "the moon" was funny and over-the-top, just like everything the character does. My favorite part of the episode was the phone-chat commercial Liz did ten years ago. Hilarious!
  • How do they keep coming up with this stuff?

    It is Jack's 50th birthday and he is sad. Sad because he can't feel the way he felt at his 10th party. It all revolves around a present he got that make him puke he was so happy. He has an extravagant birthday with Adam West (the original Bat Man) introducing him. Mr West gets his name wrong and this bums out Jack and he calls an end to the party. Liz and Jenna are visited by Dennis Duffy who now self proclaimed sex addict and he had to make atonement for what he as done to them.

    Tracy want's to go into space, so Liz pulls of and elaborate hoax to make Tracy think he has gone up in the shuttle when he is actually in the studio.

    The Dennis Duffy thing has caused Liz to resent Jenna and Liz let Jenna do an stunt with malfunctioning equipment and Jenna falls and hurts her leg. Liz is trying to get Jenna to forgive here and tells her she can tell the crew about the commercial she made. Jenna goes running and tells them. They find the commercial on youtube and pipe it to a TV for everyone to seek. Jack comes in and sees the commercial and starts laughing so hard he pukes. Jack decides he has found the happiness he had at 10.