30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 16

Apollo, Apollo

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • How do they keep coming up with this stuff?

    It is Jack's 50th birthday and he is sad. Sad because he can't feel the way he felt at his 10th party. It all revolves around a present he got that make him puke he was so happy. He has an extravagant birthday with Adam West (the original Bat Man) introducing him. Mr West gets his name wrong and this bums out Jack and he calls an end to the party. Liz and Jenna are visited by Dennis Duffy who now self proclaimed sex addict and he had to make atonement for what he as done to them.

    Tracy want's to go into space, so Liz pulls of and elaborate hoax to make Tracy think he has gone up in the shuttle when he is actually in the studio.

    The Dennis Duffy thing has caused Liz to resent Jenna and Liz let Jenna do an stunt with malfunctioning equipment and Jenna falls and hurts her leg. Liz is trying to get Jenna to forgive here and tells her she can tell the crew about the commercial she made. Jenna goes running and tells them. They find the commercial on youtube and pipe it to a TV for everyone to seek. Jack comes in and sees the commercial and starts laughing so hard he pukes. Jack decides he has found the happiness he had at 10.